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Sumi Sakurasawa

Sumi Sakurasawa, an important character in Reiji Miyajima’s Japanese manga series Kanojo, Okarishimasu, generally known as Rent A Girlfriend, plays the role of a first-year college student who works as a rental girlfriend for the “Diamond” app. She is said to work for Chizuru Ichinose’s company, which is another major figure in the story. Sumi is described as a shy and determined woman who dates Kazuya in order to better her skills as a rental girlfriend, but only to fall in love with him later on. Sumi had chosen this road solely to pursue her dream of becoming an idol, which was later discovered.

Overall, the anime received positive reviews, with some even recommending it to everyone who enjoys a clichéd tale.

Sumi Sakurasawa Wiki

Sumi Sakurasawa
NameSumi Sakurasawa
Age19 Years
BirthdayMarch 20
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorPink
OccupationCollege Student
Rental Girlfriend (part-time)
Anime DebutEpisode 11
Manga DebutChapter 41
Japanese VoiceRie Takahashi

Aspects of the character

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Sumi stands out among the rental females because of her reddish-pink hair, which is braided on the right side. She has reddish-pink eyes and red brows, as well as a sharp and adorable fashion sense. Her clothing is inconsistent, as she changes it according to the occasion. But, whatever she wears, she looks great. She made her debut appearance in the series on the episode Truth and girlfriend, where she went on her first date with Kazuya.

Character persona


Sumi is a sweet, introverted rental girlfriend who is relatively new to the business. She is quite shy and timid, and she only gradually opens up after spending some time with Kazuya Kinoshita. She only talks a few times in the series, and when she does, it’s in a very gentle tone. Despite her shyness, Sumi is described as a driven individual who realizes that her shyness has only served as a major impediment in her daily life and, in order to overcome it, she began working as a rental girlfriend.
As an introvert, she has a proclivity for overthinking, and as a result, the majority of her monologue consists of her talking to herself and imagining every potential situation that may occur if she went through with a decision.

Sumi’s character Review

Sumi's character Review

Despite the fact that the script indicates that she could very well be a primary heroine at this point, she receives very little screen time. Sumi is a charming character who has progressed further than the other characters in the series.

Of course, all of the key female characters have their own strengths and shortcomings, but Sumi’s flaws don’t raise many warning lights. Sumi is the only rental girlfriend who doesn’t bother to be with Kazuya, despite the fact that she appears to have affection for him. After getting to know Sumi’s character more, it’s difficult to dislike her.

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