Top 10 Best Anime Like Black Clover

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Best Anime Like Black Clover

Black clover is a very popular Shonen anime that has earned its hype among our web community. However, it’s still incomplete which gives the watcher a sense of emptiness as we don’t get to see the ending. To fill this void, we have brought 10 amazing anime that are similar to this wonderful series. These anime are recommended by MAL users which increases their credibility according to a large number of otakus.

10 Best Anime Like Black Clover

10. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Demon slayer follows the life of Tanjiro who is a physically strong character living an ordinary life until his whole family except one sister is killed by demons and that sister is turned into a demon. He embarks on a mission to find a cure for her sister and find the demon that killed his family by becoming a demon slayer.

Both Shonen animes include a lot of training arcs followed by battles and is packed with action, emotions, and hardworking characters. They both feature similar main characters who start off with no power but after working hard are able to accomplish a lot.

The magic knight captains can be compared to Hashiras and they all are a bunch of powerful characters that have mastered their elements and act as mentors to their respective groups.

They both have incredible fight sequences with the animation of demon slayer being one of the best in the anime world. It’s so beautiful that it can’t be described by mere words and therefore making the anime a must-watch.

9. The seven deadly sins

Seven Deadly Sins

Both these anime are set up in a world full of magic and fantasy. The main characters are quite similar using demon and sword-related powers. Asta is a magic knight and Melodies is a holy knight. The MCs both have a rivalry thing going on with their best friends.

They both are short but very powerful.

Both series are of the long Shonen genre and set in a medieval period of time.

8. Jujutsu Kaisen


Jujutsu Kaisen and black clover both are very popular new Shonen anime that have loud lovable personalities as their main characters. They both have extraordinary physical capabilities as well.

Both anime has supernatural powers as their basis that they use to save their community and environment.

Jujutsu kaisen is about a young man named Yuji Idatori who has higher than average speed and power and just happens to eat the finger of a very old and powerful demon giving him the ability to see curses and exercise curse power. He comes to the host of the demon named Sukuna which is kind of similar to Asta hosting his own demon. This series is set in a world where negative emotions manifest as demons called curses and Jujustu sorcerers who eliminate such curses.

This is also incredible must-watch anime whose huge animation budget shows in its fight sequences.

7. Hunter x Hunter

hunter x hunter

There are tons of similarities between these two animes. They are both Shonen taking place in worlds with “magic,”, have an unexpectedly powerful main character, and both shows are over 100 episodes.

This anime involves hunters that travel all over the world’s uncharted territories locating rare items and monsters. They have to pass an incredibly difficult exam to be a hunter.

Both the mc’s follow the never give up ideology, have supportive friends and their story arcs have dark undertones. They both come from small villages and have to overcome obstacles and take down multiple villains in order to advance forward. They both follow a rank system; black clover has a magic knight rank system and Hunter x hunter has hunter ranks.

6. Ao no Exorcist

Ao no exorcist

Ao No Exorcist shares many similarities with Black Clover, with Rin and Asta practically cut from the same cloth. Both protagonists are shunned by society as they possess hidden power that makes them dangerous to the established order in their respective universes. The action scenes are the primary focus of both anime.

Both the series have protagonists as brothers with opposite personalities with the calm one being more powerful and the loud one becoming stronger slowly.

Ao no Exorcist follows the story of Rin who is found to be the son of Satan and his demon father wants him to return, not wanting to do the same, he trains to be an exorcist alongside his brother Yukio.

5. One Piece

One-piece anime

Both the MCs have similar goals and personalities with Luffy’s goal being the aim to be Pirate King and they both refuse to give up. Black clover characters have magic powers and One-piece characters have superpowers and they both thrive on the theme of friendship and rivalries.

Luffy explores the world in search of the deceased pirate king’s ultimate treasure known as “one piece” in order to become the next pirate king.

Both the anime essentiality provides well thought out backstories on every character.

They both are long-running Shonen anime whose manga are in their final arc and have settled into the hearts of weebs alike.

4. Boku no Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

It’s about a weak-ass mc Deku who doesn’t possess magic powers at the beginning of the series and some kind of event makes him gain powers just like our black clover MC Asta. They both have to excessively train their physical body to keep up with their world.

Deku lives in a world where being a superhero is a commonality and an occupation. He aims to be the No 1 Hero which is similar to the wizard king in the black clover world. Deku attends a prestigious school to become a hero where they undergo various challenges and tests to further advance their capabilities.

Deku and Asta are both underdogs at the beginning of the series and need to work their way up in the world using more effort than everybody else does in order to stay relevant in a world where the extraordinary has become ordinary. 

Both series are of the new generation of classic Shonen Nekketsu. The quirky characters and comedic relief are similar as well

3. Bleach


Bleach is about an ordinary high schooler Ichigo Kurosaki who becomes a soul reaper due to some unfortunate circumstances and gained supernatural powers. He subsequently inherits the responsibility to hunt down the dark spirits called hollows that plague the human world. Later he is joined by his friends as well who each has unique abilities.

Both anime are Shonen anime that is highly enjoyable, have great fights, and are similar in character and story-wise. They both have a series of funny and serious moments. Both the MCs possess a dark power that ideally shouldn’t exist. The two big organizations in these two series are quite similar with a bunch of captains leading their own squads and one figure standing above them all just like the magic emperor in Black clover.

2. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail (1)

Fairy tail is about a world where magic guilds exist and take certain requests to earn money. Fairy tail is one such guild that is filled with loud and eccentric characters just like the black bulls in black clover. Both the associations have an “ I will do anything to protect my comrades and to further my guild/squad prestige “ type mentality.

The MCs are very similar as well. They are badass with a loud personality, have demon powers, and never give up. The love interest of both series is quite similar in many ways.

The series is also set in a world where magic is a dominant force. The basic members of the guild are similar as wellas got the loud & dim protagonist who’s always yelling, basic guild member clichés: the guy who says “real man”, a drunk mostly naked witch, & more.

This is a must-watch Shonen series which is quite long like Black clover as well.

1. Naruto


Naruto is definitely one of my favorite must-watch series. This series Naruto is about an orphan boy named Naruto who is ostracized and discriminated against by the whole village He is very hyperactive and hardheaded just like our black clover mc Asta and has a one-track mind toward his goal of becoming the Hokage the village leader.

A character name Rock Lee can not use Ninjutsu. Just was like Asta was treated as inferior due to his lack of magic power although it is considerably worse in Naruto.

The Hokage is a well-respected entity in their ninja world which is analogous to the wizard king in black clover. Both the MCs are weak at first and turn into one of the strongest characters in the series as the story progresses. The source of both their powers is a demon and they both possess happy-go-lucky personalities. They even have a similar catchphrase and similar rivals – Sasuke and Yuno.

Although Naruto came first, black clover fans will absolutely love this series if they haven’t watched it yet. They both are very similar in character arcs, goals, and art style.

They are made by the same studio and are of the same genre – “long action Shonen”.

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