Kenjaku Boasts the Strength of Jujutsu Sorcerers in JJK Chapter 201

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Ayush Rajan

Jujutsu Kaisen

The latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen picks up from where the conversation left off last time regarding the use of cursed energy and Jujutsu Sorcerers to help in producing the cleanest energy in history for the sake of the American Government. While the President does not seem too receptive to the idea, he is made aware of the looming threats and geopolitical risks that threaten their country every day.

Countries from the Middle East would want to protect their energy rights, while others such as Germany keep pressing forward toward abandoning nuclear power. In addition, there are also several with high military power such as India and France. There are innumerable countries that would be interested in this source of Energy and once someone makes a move, the others will keep following.

In what seems to be an attempt to pacify themselves, they conclude that monopolizing this energy is the only way they can protect the Japanese people, otherwise, the world will be on a manhunt for them. While the U.S believes that they are the first to be approached on this, it is revealed that Kenjaku is already cooperating with other countries as well unknown to them.

Finally convinced with the plan, the President turns to the Lieutenant General of his army and asks him how many people would be required to carry out this operation. While he expresses his doubts about Gojo, Kenjaku reaffirms that he would be sealed away at the time of the attack. He then says that around 60-200 soldiers will be more than enough and is even confident that he can bring back up to 5 dozen sorcerers.

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Clearly underestimating the strength of sorcerers he believes they have no way of combating “muscles and bullets”. Kenjaku replies telling him he’d need at least 800 and even goes so far as to challenge him to show off the true strength of sorcerers. The test involved Kenjaku, who everyone believes to be Geto getting from the west wing to the east wing while 45 elite soldiers stand in his way.

The Lieutenant General completely believes that there is no outcome resulting in his defeat and even wants to defeat his opponent in an overwhelming way. Suddenly he hears a crashing sound outside his room and as he heads outside, sees all the elite soldiers floating in the air and crashing onto the ground one by one due to a Cursed-spirit with the appearance of an Elephant. We are told that this is one of Geto’s techniques, leaving room for doubt as to whether Kenjaku’s intrusion into Geto’s body is imperfect.

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