Sukuna is “The Fallen” Angel: The Big Reveal in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 200

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Sukuna is “The Fallen” Angel: The Big Reveal in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 200

Following the revelation that Sukuna is “The Fallen” that The Angel wants to kill in return for her cooperation, the new chapter of JJK once again shows how great the series is at balancing humor and seriousness as we see Itadori try to signal Fushiguro in a hilarious sequence of panels that he is The Fallen.

Finally, using his impressive deductive skills, Fushiguro figures out what Itadori is trying to communicate to him without the others in the room finding out. We see yet another heart-breaking moment of self-introspection from Yuji and how he does not consider his life to be valuable and would gladly sacrifice it to Angel who he figures has a way of killing Sukuna, in exchange to free Gojo.

Sukuna is The Fallen Angel The Big Reveal 1

We see Fushiguro looking over with a feeling of frustration as he knows Itadori does not consider his life to be essential but as his friend he wants him to value it more.

At the same time, they are alerted to the increasing number of players in the Culling Games. We are then shown scenes from a few months back between Kenjaku and powerful figures in the United States Government. It is revealed that cursed spirits and energy are exclusive to the Japanese and using special glasses, he shows the existence of this power to the president and his minister.

Culling Games jjk

In addition, he also shows video footage of several sorcerers like Gojo and Nanami in action. This is when we are dropped with yet another big reveal in the chapter that Cursed Energy is the cleanest energy in all of Human History and is capable of replacing all fossil fuels and even renewable energy sources from the Sun and the Wind! It also turns out that Gojo alone could power a whole country by himself.

In the end, a consensus is reached between Kenjaku and the U.S president that when the Culling Games begin, the Americans would intervene in order to capture Jujutsu sorcerers and use them as research subjects for the energy.

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