How and When Did Gojo Escape the Seal? Who Unsealed Satoru Gojo ?

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How Did He Escape the Seal Who Unsealed Satoru Gojo

After a massive period of 1184 days (19 days according to the Jujutsu world), the strongest sorcerer – Gojo Satoru has finally returned to the Jujutsu world with his dominating power in Chapter 221.

How Gojo Sealed?

In the Shibuya district arc of Chapter 90, we saw Satoru being sealed off in the Prison Realm by Pseudo-Geto. When Geto revealed himself in front of Satoru, he was distracted as memories of his past resurfaced. In this time gap, the Prison Realm sealed Satoru. The plan took place on October 31st in Shibuya.

How Did Gojo Escape from the Prison Realm?

How Did Gojo Escape from the Prison Realm?

Previously, everyone believed that there was only a ‘front gate‘ of the Prison Realm. However, there also exists a ‘back gate,’ necessary for breaking the seal and opening it. The back gate was hidden by Master Tengen. The authority to reverse the seal rests on the holder of the front gate. The back gate can only be opened through the cursed technique imbued with some special techniques.

According to Tengen, to break open the gate of the Prison Realm, they would either need The Inverted Spear Of Heaven or The Black Rope. But he speculated that both of these items were destroyed by Gojo Satoru himself previously.

Now the last option to free Satoru was a sorcerer named Hana Kurusu, who goes by the name The Angel. She has been around for a thousand years since the Golden Age of Shamans. Her cursed techniques can nullify any other cursed technique. So, she can break Satoru out of the Prison Realm.

The sorcerers then took part in the Culling Game started by Kenjaku to fulfill his goal. Itadori, Megumi, Maki, and Yuta all participated in the game and worked on how to reverse the seal on Satoru.

Culling Game

As the Culling Game proceeded, they confronted different enemies along the way, defeating them all to emerge as the strongest.

Angel was also a participant in the game, and one day, Angel saved Megumi. After that, flashbacks of memories were seen when a child Megumi helped Angel out. She was also a vessel like Itadori for a strong curse who has the power to nullify any cursed technique.

According to her, she wants to erase every incarnation of sorcerers present in this Culling Game as it defies the natural law of God. When Megumi asked her to unseal the Prison Realm, the curse within her struck a deal. They had to perform a task before Angel broke the seal – to kill “The Fallen.”

As soon as they heard this name, Itadori was now inside his soul, in front of Sukuna, who tells him that he is The Fallen. Taken aback by this, he finally regained consciousness. Itadori informed Megumi, who understood that if they want Satoru to be set free, they must kill Sukuna, which means to kill Itadori.

Till now, Angel was unable to sense the presence of The Fallen from Itadori. After this, Megumi’s sister Tsumiki appeared in the chapter as one of the awakened ones. She comes to Megumi to help them set a new rule in the culling game. But after that, a strange incident occurred, as she was no longer the sister Megumi knew of, she was possessed, and a strong sorcerer of the past named Yorozu took over her body. She set a different rule for the game and her objective was to kill Sukuna.

As soon as they started chasing after her, a twist occurred, as Sukuna took control of Itadori’s body. He attacked ANGEL from the back and defeated her with a simple trick. Sukuna broke his finger and made Megumi swallow it. He now took possession of Megumi and made him his vessel. A fight now broke out between Itadori and Sukuna in which Sukuna overwhelmingly won.

After this Sukuna is seen fighting Yorozu as Sukuna wants Megumi’s soul to dive deeper into the darkness by killing his sister in front of his eyes and by using his techniques. The fight began and the two were extremely powerful but in the end, Sukuna won and now took complete control of Megumi’s body. Sukuna and Kenjaku were seen on the same side. The defeated Angel was seen saved by Yuta and now Itadori, Yuta, Maki, Angel, and other sorcerers were in the same room taking grasp of the situation. Now they were on their way to break the seal of Satoru.

Who Unsealed Satoru Gojo?


IN CHAPTER 221,Gojo Returns to Jujutsu Kaisen After Over a Hundred Chapters. They brought out the back gate of the prison realm to the surface, and that’s when Angel broke the seal. As soon as she broke the seal, smoke started to emerge and neither Gojo nor the seal was in place. It just disappeared into thin air. Comedic relief was seen as they thought that they have vanished Satoru from the world and Angel justifies her action by saying that he might be evil.

Changing into the next panel of the chapter is where you would get goosebumps all over your body. Pseudo-Geto or Kenjaku the mastermind behind it all was seen asking a question to the mighty and fearsome GOJO SATORU who was now in front of him. He was asking him how was it possible for him to escape from the prison realm. And as soon as this scene took place, out of nowhere, Sukuna jumped toward Satoru and attacked him. Satoru was surprised to see his beloved student, Megumi there. But he soon took control of the situation and mocked Sukuna for running away like a dog with his tail between his legs from Itadori.

Kenjaku possessed the body of his best friend Geto and Sukuna was now possessing the body of his dear student, Megumi. When asked by Kenjaku if he still thinks that he can defeat Sukuna at his full strength, Satoru replies,” I WILL WIN”. That’s how the greatest and strongest sorcerer of the Jujutsu World returned after a long time and showed his determination and resilience to defeat the enemies in front of him.

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