Jujutsu Kaisen Characters Age, Birthday, Height and Status

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Jujutsu Kaisen all characters

Are you a fan of Jujutsu Kaisen and interested in learning more about the main and supporting characters of the series?

Look no further, as we have compiled a list of the age, birthday, height, and status of each character. From the protagonist, Yuji Itadori, to the powerful Jujutsu sorcerer, Satoru Gojo, each character has unique abilities and backstories that make them integral to the plot of the series.

As you read through the list, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the characters’ backgrounds and motivations, and perhaps even find a new appreciation for some of your favorites.

So sit back, relax, and delve into the world of Jujutsu Kaisen as we take a closer look at the characters that make the series so captivating.

CharacterAgeBirthdayHeight (cm)Status
Yuji Itadori15December 20173Alive
Megumi Fushiguro15March 14173Alive
Nobara Kugisaki16December 25159Unknown
Satoru Gojo28September 10190Sealed
Maki Zen’in19August 25169Alive
Toge Inumaki18February 12172Alive
Panda0December 3181Alive
Kento Nanami27November 2183Alive
Masamichi Yaga28February 29183Alive

Note: Sukuna’s age, birthday, and height are not available as he is a cursed spirit. The table only includes information up until the anime’s first season, and there are no spoilers beyond that point.

Yuji Itadori (Age:15)

Yuji Itadori ,

Yuji is the main character of the Jujutsu Kaisen series who later becomes the vessel of Sukuna, the strongest curse known to walk the face of the earth. He is energetic, outgoing, friendly, and comedic while possessing exceptional physical ability. He was born on March 20th and is 5′ 8″ tall. He is currently alive in the manga.

Megumi Fushiguro (Age:15)

Megumi Fushiguro Personality

As the deuteragonist of the series, Megumi is an outwardly stoic and inexpressive individual. While he is often annoyed by Yuji and Nobara who have the exact opposite of his stern personality, he is a very passionate and caring person who has a very strong belief in his own sense of justice. His birthday is on December 22nd and his height is 5′ 9″. His current status in the series is alive.

Nobara Kugisaki (Age:16)

Nobara Kugisaki Straw Doll Technique gif

Being the final member of the trio with Yuji and Megumi, Nobara is a confident and determined person who also has a great deal of pride in herself. She also shares a lot in common with Yuji’s personality as they both never leave an opportunity to be humorous or make fun of Megumi. She was born on August 7th and is 5′ 3″ tall. While it is implied that she died in the manga, there are still a lot of questions surrounding it due to it not being explicitly shown. Hence, her current status is unknown.

Satoru Gojo (Age:28)

Satoru Gojo

Gojo is one of the main mentor figures to the main characters in Jujutsu Kaisen while also being considered the strongest sorcerer in the world. He generally has a playful and nonchalant demeanour with an immense amount of self-confidence in his own powers. In the heat of battle, however, he has shown to be cold-blooded while not having any care for his surroundings or bystanders. His birthday is on December 7th and he is 6′ 3″ tall. While he is still alive, he is currently sealed in the manga due to Kenjaku’s scheme.

Yuta Okkotsu (Age:17)

Yuta Okkotsu Wiki

Yuta is the protagonist of the prequel series, Jujutsu Kaisen 0, who makes his appearance in the main series after the incidents at Shibuya. He used to be very timid and frail which made him a target for bullying at a young age. After he learns to use his powers and the events that he experiences, however, he becomes much colder and more serious, while having an intimidating presence. He was born on March 7th and is 5’9″ in height. He is currently alive in the series.

Maki Zenin (Age:16)

Maki Zenin

Maki is possibly the most important supporting character in Jujutsu Kaisen who is extremely hard-working and headstrong due to not being able to see curses as well as aspiring to be a great jujutsu sorcerer. While she is tough and harsh, she is also very caring towards her peers. Post the events of Shibuya, she becomes much colder while having a singular focus on attaining more power. Her birthday is on January 20th and she is 5′ 7″ tall. She is alive in the series at this time.

Toge Inumaki (Age:17)

Toge Inumaki

While we might initially believe Toge to be an uncaring and aloof person due to his silence in most situations, we later realise that he does this to protect others from his cursed speech. It is then shown how clever and caring Toge is while showing maturity in a lot of instances. His birthday is on October 23rd and he is 5′ 4½” tall. He is currently alive in the manga.

Panda (Age: Unknown)

Panda Senpai

Panda is seen as a calm and upbeat figure who is very approachable and has a lot of wisdom. He also tends to see the funny side of everything while making sarcastic comments and jokes even in tense moments and battles. His birthday is on March 5th and he has a height of 6’7″. His status in the series is alive.

Aoi Todo (Age:18)

Aoi Todo

The unique and eccentric Todo is an extremely confusing individual who can come off as a meathead who cares for nothing other than the battle at some times, while in others he has been shown to be an extremely clever person with amazing physical ability and foresight. He was born on September 23rd and is 6’3″ tall. He is currently alive.

Kento Nanami (Age:28)

Kento Nanami

Nanami is seen as a mentor figure by most characters in Jujutsu Kaisen due to his calm and reserved yet wise personality and appearance. He is blunt and practical while always showing seriousness in his work. He is also compassionate and caring in his own way to his peers. He was born on July 3rd and is 6’0½” in height. Unfortunately, he is deceased in the series.

Mahito (Age: Unknown)

Mahito (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Mahito is one of the main antagonists of the series who is seen as a sadistic and immature individual who loves toying with people and their emotions. He believes that he is the physical form of human hatred and that curses should be able to rule in the place of humans. While his date of birth is unknown, he is 5’10½” tall. The last time we saw him, he had been absorbed by Kenjaku and hence while he is technically not dead, it can be assumed that we will not be seeing him for the rest of the story.

Sukuna (Age:1000+)

Sukuna is The Fallen Angel The Big Reveal 1

Known as the king of curses, Sukuna is considered the strongest spirit ever. Due to unavoidable circumstances, he is now forced to share a body with Yuji. He is always seen to be condescending, unfair, cold-hearted, and selfish. Similar to Gojo, he is aware of the strength he possesses and wastes no opportunity to flaunt it while fearing no one. His date of birth is unknown but the height of his current form is 5′ 8″ due to having the same body as Yuji. He is alive in the manga.

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