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I'm Shreya, a writer at Anime Mentor. Graduated from the literature program. I love everything related to Anime and Manga. If I'm not nose-deep in a book then I'm probably drawing an anime character.
Why does Ichigo have two Swords

Why does Ichigo have two Swords?

At the end of episode 13 of the Bleach Thousand year blood war arc, we get to see Ichigo with two Zanpakutōs (swords). Although it’s going to be a while till we get the next episodes of Bleach, the series ended at a perfect place in the story. In the previous episodes(10-11), we had seen …

Can Uryu Survive Auswahlen?

What is Auswahlen? Can Uryu Survive Auswahlen?

The Quincy clan is one of the most fearsome foes to be introduced in the Bleach series. Before the thousand-year Blood War arc we have only known Uryu was the last surviving Quincy. And since he never got any formal training on how to hone his Quincy powers we’ve only seen a fraction of what …

Does Aizen have Bankai?

Does Aizen have Bankai and ever use his Bankai?

Bleach is one of the “Big 3” and it has once again shown with its newest arc why it definitely deserved that spot. Both new and old fans are familiar with the scheming captain, Aizen who is one of the biggest and strongest villains in the anime world. After a long time, we just saw …

Why Did Uryu join the Wandenreich and Betray Ichigo?

Why Did Uryu join the Wandenreich and Betray Ichigo?

After the latest season of Bleach has just come out this week and has got fans in a frenzy. The fate of all our favorite Soul reapers doesn’t seem to be in good hands at the moment. This season has pulled in more fans because of its amazing visuals and the darker tone of the …

Why does Ichigo have so much Power

Why does Ichigo have so much Power?

As a child, Ichigo trained in martial arts so his body is in top shape for combat. He has always been agile and shown good coordination in his attacks. He has Enhanced strength. Even when he’s not in his shinigami form, Ichigo still packs a punch. He once smashed a man’s head through a concrete …