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Sabir is a huge Otaku. Anime, manga, manhwa, and light novels are among his favorite things to watch. Through his anime-related articles, he hopes to influence people to watch anime.
Best Badass Anime Duos

Best Badass Anime Duos of All Time

Konnichiwa, Minna!! Many anime often pair 2 characters as a duo. Their mutual understanding is so good that they can easily get out of any problem and no matter how powerful their enemies are. They are invincible when working as a team and share with each other an unbreakable bond sticking together through thick and …

Best Romance Anime

Best Romance Anime

Best Romance anime starts with a simple story where the main characters spend their life filled with sadness or happiness and suddenly or slowly fall in love with each other and make a romantic environment sometimes in a comedic and dramatic way. Firstly it feels kinda boring but these anime are really satisfying to watch. …

Why did Ayanokoji leave the White Room?

Why did Ayanokoji leave the White Room?

In the Classroom of the Elite season 2 episode 10, Kiyotaka’s father Professor Ayanokōji visited Advanced Nurturing High School. He told Kiyotaka to go back to the White Room. In response to Kiyotaka’s refusal, he said he would bring him back to the White Room no matter what. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, who was once a White …

Best Martial Arts Anime Of All Time (1)

Which anime has the best martial arts in 2023?

Dragon Ball has the best martial arts with the fantasy but if you are looking for only martial arts anime then Grappler Baki is the best. Martial arts anime are one of the most exciting anime genres to watch. This anime is filled with lots of action and intense fighting scenes. Some of the fighting …

Best Waifus Of All Time

Top 15+ Best Anime Waifu Of All Time

“ワイフ waifu” is a Japanese word that is used to refer to an anime girl or woman to whom someone has great affection and even sexual attraction. In 2002, the word Waifu was first used in an anime series named Azumanga Daioh, Episode 15. An anime waifu is like the ideal life partner of an …