MHA Chapter 369: Can All for One Comeback the fight? What is his secret weapon?

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Ayush Rajan

Deku vs All for One

Chapter 369 of MHA starts with a flashback showing All For One killing the second user while expressing his feelings on how weak his quirk which could only give you slight control of tiny objects. However, in real-time, that very same quirk paired with One for All is causing his reckoning.

The quirk of the second user of OFA is known as transmission which allows the user to change the speed at which things move through space using different gears. Combining this with the raw strength of OFA, Deku hits Tomura who is being controlled by AFO with a Quintuple Detroit Smash. Following this, we see him using all the skills at his disposal very impressively.

Deku using the black whip

He dodges AFO’s attack using Danger Sense and blocks his vision with Smokescreen. Simultaneously he rises to the air using Float and restrains AFO using the black whip. To finish things up, he combines Fa Jin and Overdrive along with the power of the Quintuple Detroit Smash he used earlier to deal a lethal blow to AFO. In an internal monologue, All for One expresses how unfair he feels the situation is and that he hasn’t been able to show the true power of his new body.

All for One vs Deku

While we had only seen the determination from the heroes up till this point, AFO shows that his dedication to his objective is no less compared to them. Even in his beaten-down state, he does not give up and prepares for a final attack as we see nine lights appear near him, similar to the nine users of OFA.

While we assume each light is for a separate user, we’re taken to a different part of the battlefield where we see a giant Spinner who’s drooling and looks like he’s plotting to take actions that might change the tide of the battle.

AFO believes that he hasn’t lost yet and that there is still a chance to make a comeback while implying Spinner is their trump card. The chapter ends on this cliffhanger as we’re left wondering just what could possibly bring the Villains back from what is undoubtedly an unwinnable situation.

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