Who is Dabi? How does he know Hawks’ Real name?

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If you’re a fan of My Hero Academia then there is no way you aren’t aware of the villain named Dabi. With his slim build, dark hair, and gnarled, wrinkled, and damaged skin, he has a very memorable appearance, and to top it off, his quirk lets him control blue flames which is the perfect addition to his unique aesthetic.

The staples and piercings on his body give us the impression that his life has been extremely hard up till that point, however, the truth of his identity has been kept as a secret for a major portion of the series.

Dabi’s Real Identity:


Finally, during his heated battle with Shoto and Endeavour during the Paranormal Liberation War, Dabi washes off the dye on his hair to reveal that he is Toya Todoroki, Endeavour’s eldest son and Shoto’s eldest brother who both of them had believed to be dead until that point. This comes as a monumental shock to both fans and characters as they are left stunned and unable to move after the shocking revelation.

dabi vs endeavor

At the same time, a pre-recorded video made by Dabi is shown to the entire world where he reveals how many people he has killed in cold blood while blaming endeavor for his current state. He tells how in his thirst for power and frustration with being unable to surpass All Might, Endeavour forced his mother to marry him and produce a child who would be superior to All Might. He went on to explain how abusive and strict Endeavour was while using his children to satisfy his selfish motives till Dabi was eventually abandoned and rejected. This, drove him to villainy while forming his twisted views on heroes and society in general.

How does Dabi know Hawks’ Real name?


Hawks, similar to Dabi, had an abusive and less-than-ideal childhood where he was essentially sold by his mother to the Hero Commission while having his real name erased. This is why he was extremely surprised when Dabi called him out by “Keigo Takami”, which was his name many years ago as a child.

While the reason he knows his Hawks’ true identity is never stated, it can be inferred through a letter that Hawks’ mother had left for him that she had been threatened by Dabi and his subordinates into revealing the true identity of Hawks. Coupled with the fact that Dabi was the only villain who consistently suspected Hawks of being a double agent, we can conclude that he found out his real name through the interrogation of his mother.

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