Can Deku use 100% One For All in Manga? How Much Power Can Midoriya Use?

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Can Deku use 100% One For All in Manga

One for All possesses the unique ability to be able to be passed down from one user to another along with the quirk of the predecessor. Deku is destined to be the strongest hero in his verse since even All Might, who was considered the strongest ever before his retirement was unaware of this ability. With the way the manga is proceeding right now, some might even argue that Deku has already surpassed All Might. Now the question is

What are the powers that Deku has in his arsenal?

How Much Power Can Midoriya Use?

While Deku can only use around 25% of his One for All powers in the anime, and while on the last given account he was able to use 45% without damaging his body, it is implied that he has a way of unlocking all 100% of it using a combination with his other abilities such as Fa Jin which he acquired from the third holder that lets him have a temporary increase in his strength and agility.

In addition to this, he also has mastery over the Black whip which he struggled to control earlier, and Float which he acquired from Nana Shimura when he needed to save his friends from Shigaraki’s Decay ability in a later battle.

Deku using the black whip

The sixth holder of One for All passed him down Smokescreen which provided camouflage for the user if necessary. One of the most powerful and useful of his abilities, however, is Danger Sense which he got from the 4th user of OFA, Hikage Shinomori, and essentially heightens his senses to any immediate danger. Adding to all these, there is still an unrevealed quirk from the second user of OFA which is understood to be the strongest among all. While giving him so many abilities might seem like overkill, we have to remember that Deku is a person who is aspiring to save the world and he is up against a villain who can steal Quirks as well as destroy anything he comes in contact with.

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