Who was the Giant Monster in the Underground Chamber?

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Who was the Giant in the Underground Chamber

If you watched the 3rd Episode of My Hero Academia Season 6, you might have noticed a character who the heroes refer to as a monster and are fearful of even approaching. It is safe to say that this villain is going to be a game-changer in the war once he decides to get involved. So who exactly is this giant which is being feared by everyone?


The “monster” in the latest episode of My Hero Academia is a villain by the name of Gigantomachia. He is a faithful subordinate of All For One who even used to be his bodyguard till his master eventually got captured. Following that, he started serving Shigaraki Tomura, who was deemed All For One’s successor.

Gigantomachia Power

Gigantomachia power

Gigantomachia is an extremely big individual who is about 3 building levels high. He is a generally polite person but is very impatient and is quick to show aggression toward anyone who is uncooperative with him. He is a blind follower of AFO who even refused to acknowledge Shigaraki as his heir and had to be fought multiple times for over a month by the entire League of Villains before finally being convinced.

Being a former bodyguard of AFO, it is no surprise that Gigantomachia is extremely powerful can is even called a walking calamity. He has extreme speed which can go up to 100 kilometers an hour along with unreal durability stemming from his muscular physique and thick skin which essentially leave him impenetrable to attacks.

He can fight for over 2 days without rest and needs only 3 hours of rest to get back his strength. In addition to all these powers, he also grows in size during battle which can eventually lead him to tower over buildings. With all these abilities, it might seem that Gigantomachia is an unbeatable force who is a cheat code to whoever possesses him. However, the drawback to having him is that he does not have any sort of thinking capability or individuality. Gigantomachia lives for his master and without orders from him, he does not have the capacity to complete any task.

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