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Ochako Uraraka

Along with Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo, Ochako Uraraka, also known by her Hero Name “Uravity,” {Uraraka + Gravity} is one of the major protagonists of the My Hero Academia manga series. She attends U.A. High School and is preparing to join the ranks of other Pro Heroes. Her Quirk allows her to control her opponent’s gravity and assaults. She is a character who, in some ways, reminds us a lot of Izuku Midoriya. Despite the fact that they are great friends.

Like Deku, she has both positive and negative responses, but there’s a lot more to her character than meets the eye. For example, when she attempts to be a hero merely to support her family, viewers sympathise with her. In the Japanese version of the series, Ochako Uraraka is played by Ayane Sakura.

Character Information

Ochako Uraraka wiki
Full NameOchako Uraraka
Hero NameUravity
BirthdayDecember 27
Age15 ( first appearance)
16 ( present)
Height156 cm
Hair colourAuburn brown
Eye colourAuburn brown
Blood TypeB
OriginMy Hero Academia
OccupationStudent at U.A. High School
QuirkZero Gravity
HobbySpending time with friends, eating sweets, Dancing
FamilyMr. Uraraka Mrs. Uraraka
Anime DebutEpisode 3


Ochako Uraraka Appearance

Ochako is a petite girl who stands only 156 cm tall. Her physique is petite yet curvy, and she has fair skin with pink cheeks. Her brown eyes are large and round, with thick lashes.

Her superhero outfit is a blue full-body suit with bright pink patterns on the shoulders and chest. She wears it with a pair of dark pink knee-high boots with dark pink heels and soles. Her outfit consists of a thick hot pink choker, two light pink gauntlets with darker pink handles on her arms, and a thick light pink belt with a darker pink markings in the centre.

Personality and Skills

Ochako Uraraka Personality and Skills

Like her best friend/crush Izuku Midoriya, Ochako appears to be a highly open-minded extroverted girl who gets quickly excited over small things and has a propensity to react with excessive facial expressions. She is a lovely young lady who is always lively and enthusiastic. She is a vibrant person who sees the bright side of everything. However, she may be blunt at times. She greets everyone she encounters with a smile and a purpose in mind: to become friends with everyone in her class. Ochako also appears to be a sharp thinker who can read people and situations quickly. When she is concentrated, though, she can be a determined person.

Ochako may not appear to be one of the best combatants at first appearance, but she dramatically developed her combat skills throughout her stay at U.A. Ochako Uraraka’s Quirk entails the ability to manipulate gravity in ways such as making objects weightless or float, or even allowing herself to fly. Her peculiarity, however, has restrictions. One disadvantage of this ability is that if it is utilised excessively, she may experience nausea and possibly vomit. Her hero suit, on the other hand, was made to mitigate this harmful effect.

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