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Izuku Midoriya

 Izuku Midoriya also known by his hero name Deku, is the main character in both the manga and anime adaptations of My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi. . His childhood friend Katsugi Bakugo and others tormented him for his lack of Quirk. But things changed after he was discovered by Deku’s No. 1 Idol and Japan’s greatest legendary Hero, ‘All Might.’ The ‘All Might’ passes on his transferrable Quirk One For All to Deku in the series, making him the Ninth possessor of the Quirk. Deku is voiced by Daiki Yamashita in the Japanese anime adaptation of the manga.

Character Information

Full NameIzuku Midoriya
Hero NameDeku
OccupationHero Student
Powers and skillsOne For All  
Voiced byDaiki Yamashita
FamilyInko Midoriya (mother) Hisashi Midoriya (father)
Height166 cm (5’5¼”)
BirthdayJuly 15
Type of HeroSympathetic Hero


Izuku Midoriya Appearance

Deku appears in the anime as a nerdy, ambitious high school misfit who is the Ninth possessor of One For All, a superpower that combines eight other individual superpowers known as “Quirks.”

Deku is a teen with green eyes and unkempt dark green hair that many mistakes for black, yet the messiness throws a shadow on his own.

He is short for his age and has a round face with four symmetrical freckles on each cheek.

He wore a black Gakuran uniform with yellow buttons during his Junior high school years. And while at UA, he wears a light grey suit over a white dress shirt paired with dark green dress pants along with a red necktie.

As the main character, Izuku Midoriya looks to possess numerous virtues, and he is a worthy successor to All Might, the emblem of peace.

Fans of My Hero Academia adore protagonist Izuku Midoriya, yet he is far from ideal, both as a real-life hero and as a fictional character.



Deku has a mildly pleasant yet hesitant disposition. He is a shy and polite young man who frequently exaggerates his emotions. Deku is a severe instance who, despite being born Quirkless, never gives up hope. Deku appears to be an overly forgiving person, as he never despised Katsugi Bakugo, his former friend and bully. He also has a modest demeanor and frequently demonstrates his heroic spirit via his unwavering determination and selflessness. Deku is likewise a character that is extreme and dynamic. Katsugi Bakugo, a childhood classmate, rival, and middle school bully, gave him the nickname ‘Deku,’ which he doesn’t mind being called.

Abilities and Powers


What difference does it make if he was born without a Quirk? Deku exhibited numerous characteristics that made him appear heroic, such as his courage and selflessness in assisting and saving individuals in need. Prior to getting his Quirk, his biggest asset was his extensive mastery of basic Hero skills and strategies. These characteristics drew the notice of the mighty All Might, who gave Izuku his quirk One For All as his successor. He was later able to trigger the following peculiarities:

  • Fa Jin- the oddity of One For All’s third user.
  • Danger Sense- is the quirk of One For All’s fourth user.
  • Blackwhip- Daigoro Banjo’s quirk, is the fifth user of One For All.
  • Float- the quirk of Nana Shimura aka the seventh user of One For All.
  • Smokescreen- the quirk of En, the sixth user of One For All.
  • One nameless quirk—the second One For All user’s quirk.

Also, his skill of High Intellect is no joke either. He has a high IQ and is considered one of the few kids in his class who receives the best grades.

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