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Solo Leveling Characters

With mind-blowing art, a badass main character and explosive fights, it won’t be a stretch to say that Solo Leveling could possibly be the most entertaining story made in a long time. In order to introduce fans to the many characters of Solo Leveling prior to the release of the anime, we will be covering everything a person needs to know about its cast. In this section of the article, we will be covering all you need to know about this memorable set of characters.

Here is the updated table with the birthday replaced by Hunter Rank:

NameAgeHeightHunter Rank
Sung Jinwoo24175 cmS-Rank
Sung Jin-Ah17160 cmE-Rank
Jay Mills45185 cmA-Rank
Lee Ju-Hee24165 cmB-Rank
Cha Hae-In22170 cmS-Rank
Sung Il-Hwan40175 cmA-Rank
Go Gun-Hee80187 cmS-Rank
Thomas Andre40+210 cmS-Rank
Liu Zhigang35190 cmA-Rank
Christopher Reed30180 cmA-Rank
Goto Ryuji40185 cmA-Rank
Hwang Dong-Su33170 cmA-Rank
Lennart Niermann30195 cmS-Rank
Baek Yoon-Ho40185 cmS-Rank
Choi Jong-In35190 cmA-Rank
Song Chi-Yul35185 cmA-Rank
Yoo Jin-Ho18180 cmD-Rank
Woo Jin-Chul30185 cmA-Rank

Sung Jin-Woo (Age: 24)

Sung Jin-Woo

Sung Jin-Woo is the main character of Solo Leveling. He is introduced as the weakest hunter and is initially short and frail but becomes a handsome man who is about 5’10” tall.

Despite the immense power he gains, Jin-Woo is usually humble and kind. He doesn’t needlessly show off his powers and helps anyone in need. This doesn’t mean that he is a pushover as anyone who shows him hostility is treated with ruthlessness and no mercy.

He deeply cares about everyone around him and uses them as a source of motivation to keep growing in strength. As the shadow monarch, Jin-Woo commands a large army of shadows who serve him with complete loyalty.

With very creative powers displayed in a highly stylish manner, fans have a lot to look forward to from the Solo Leveling anime.

Cha Hae-In (Age: 22-23)

Cha Hae-In

Cha Hae-In is the main female protagonist of Solo Leveling as well as Sung Jin-Woo’s love interest. The S-Rank Hunter and Vice Guild Master of the Hunters Guild is 5’7” in height.

As the third strongest hunter in Korea, Cha Hae-In is a very responsible person who places the safety of her comrades as the highest priority. She is very motivated and works hard in her training. Additionally, Hae-In is also very intuitive and uses her senses to the extreme. Due to this, she was able to sense that Jin-Woo was no ordinary person on their first meeting.

Lee Ju-Hee (Age: 24)

Lee Ju-Hee

Many people would be under the misimpression that Lee Ju-Hee is the female protagonist of Solo Leveling due to her importance upon introduction. While she does eventually get lesser screen time, the B-Rank Healer’s importance to the plot can never be overstated.

When all those around Jin-Woo were harsh due to his incompetence, Ju-Hee was one of the few friends he could depend on. She is kind and compassionate while helping Jin-Woo wherever she can. However, after getting traumatized in a Double Dungeon Raid, she gets scarred and ends up retiring from being a hunter.

Go Gun-Hee (Age: 80+)

Go Gun-Hee

Go Gun-Hee is the chairman of the Korean Hunters’ Association and a man who commands respect from almost every character in the series. Despite his age, he has a large stature and is believed to be around 6’- 6’ 3” in height.

Go Gun-Hee was one of those closest to Sung Jin-Woo and believed him to be the person to lead Korea with his powers. He is humble and selfless while always placing his country over individual gain. He works tirelessly and is also regretful of the fact that he can’t use his full potential due to age. Despite this, he never lets it get him down and even steps in himself in the face of danger.

Yoo Jin-Ho (Age: Unknown)

Yoo Jin-Ho

Yoo Jin-Ho is a D-Rank Hunter and becomes the Vice Guild Master of the guild formed by Sung Jin-Woo. Jin-Ho plays the loveable role of the comic relief in Solo Leveling while also being a very close friend of Sung Jin-Woo.

He comes from a very rich family but doesn’t let it inflate his ego while being fully aware of his own weakness. Jin-Ho is extremely loyal to Jin-Woo and even when getting tortured by enemies refused to give up his location to the enemies.

While Jin-Ho might not have any sort of rapid development in the series, he is still one of the most memorable characters due to his hilarious antics and undying trust in his friends.

Baek Yoon-Ho (Age: Unknown)

Baek Yoon-Ho

Baek Yoon-Ho is an extremely strong S-Ranker who is the Guild Master of the White Tiger Guild. Using his powers, he is able to transform into a beast that can give even the most formidable opponents a tough battle.

As a man who hopes to see his guild grow to the highest level, Baek Yoon-Ho is very ambitious and also has the capability to achieve his goals. He is always serious and thoughtful while also not tolerating anyone who harms his guild. With his high perception, he was also able to sense that Sung Jin-Woo was no ordinary man when they first met.

Sung Jin-Ah (Age: 15-17)

Sung Jin-Ah is an energetic teenager who is also Sung Jin-Woo’s younger sister. Since she was raised by her elder brother due to their father’s absence and mother’s poor health, she is very grateful towards him. This doesn’t mean that she acts any different from a usual sibling though as she often teases and hits Jin-Woo.

Jin-Ah might seem easygoing and playful but she is also very diligent and cares about her family. She works very hard in school and is even prepared to drop out in order to financially support the family. While she is one of the side characters with lesser importance, Sung Jin-Ah is a breath of fresh air in an action-packed story such as this.

Thomas Andre (Age: 40+)

Known by many as “The Goliath”, Thomas Andre is the top hunter from America. While his exact height is unknown, we can deduce that he is around 6 feet tall.
Thomas is a very arrogant and proud individual who is very confident in his own strength. He protects those who serve him loyally, even if they are wrong, but is also extremely harsh against his enemies. While he and Jin-Woo did not have the smoothest first meeting, they soon become good acquaintances that work together to save the world.

Woo Jin-Chul (Age: Mid 30s)

Jin-Chul is a very career-oriented man who serves under Go Gun-Hee. Similar to his superior, he takes his job very seriously and even steps against foes stronger than him. While he might seem apathetic, Jin-Chul is a very curious individual who can get emotional given the circumstance. He was also one of those who were curious about Jin-Woo from an early time and even helped him out on several occasions. Through the many experiences the pair go through, they form a sweet friendship.

Choi Jong-In (Age: Unknown)

Choi Jong-In is a cool and calm-looking man who is also the guild master of the Hunters Guild. He is known as the ultimate soldier and is very proficient in using fire magic. Choi is a man who can keep himself under control and doesn’t get lost in impulse easily. He has a calculative side which goes hand-in-hand with his calm nature.

While initially interested in recruiting Jin-Woo, he soon found out that he would fail to do so and decided to move on. While he is certainly not the strongest man in the series, he has contributed to several eye-catching moments with his powers.

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