Who is Absolute Being in Solo Leveling?

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Who is Absolute Being in Solo Leveling

The Absolute Being is the ultimate creator of life and other components, The God in the manhwa Solo Leveling. He is the one powerful entity who has the ability to create both inorganic and organic life forms from nothing. He was firstly introduced in chapter number 162 of the webtoon.


The Absolute Being was a humungous man with blank yellow eyes, pale ivory skin, and long silver hair. He wore light brown armor on his chest and shoulders with a silver robe and a tall light brown hat.


He was a cold-cruel and self-centered individual who cared very little about his creations and treated them as tools for his personal goals. He was also very careless and ignorant, he never thought about the possibility of being betrayed by The Rulers and only invested in a fail-safe inside Ashborn, which failed to achieve its intended goal.


Who is Absolute Being in Solo Leveling

At the emergence of a time when only light and darkness existed, The Absolute Being split light to create The Rulers and darkness to create The Monarchs. The Monarchs were created to destroy the World and The Rulers were created to protect it, they became sworn enemies of each other.

After centuries of endless war, there was still no triumphant insight, The Rulers asked The Absolute Being to give them the power which will demolish The Monarchs once and for all and will stop the war. The Absolute Being ignored their request which made The Rulers realize that the war was just entertainment to him and he did not want the war to end.

This fact plus the realization that the wall will never end until The Absolute Being is alive. This led seven out of eight Rulers to betray him by rebelling against their God. Ashborn, the last strongest ruler was the only one who was loyal. He attempted his best to stop them ut he was easily defeated and was left to die. Now with no one standing in their way, The Rulers paraded into the throne room, speared The Absolute Being, and killed him.

Abilities and Abilities

As the creator of God, he was the most capable and powerful individual in all reality. He created inorganic and organic life from absolutely nothing. He also created objects with godly powers like The Cup of Reincarnation. Irrespective of this unimaginable power, he seemed incapable of using all this power in a battle. The result led to his defeat, The Rulers killed him easily on his own throne.
He was a Cosmic Genius, The Monarchs and The Rulers along with their armies were created in such a perfect way that they were always in a never-ending war.

Other powers include-

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Magic
  • Light Manipulation
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Time Manipulation
  • Darkness Manipulation
  • Reality Warping
  • Power Bestowal
  • Acasualty
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