Top 19 Strongest Solo Leveling Characters Ranked

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Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling has been completed with chapter 179. Now that we have the whole story, it’s much easier to decide which character is the strongest in the beloved web novel manhua by the Korean Artist Chugong. Obviously, different readers will interpret favorite characters and their powers differently, but the Shadow Monarch’s strength cannot be doubted. Here are some of the strongest characters in Solo Leveling:


19. Hwang Dong-Su

Hwang Dong-Su

He was brought off by the US but he was originally a Korean S- rank Hunter. He had a brother who was killed by Jinwoo during a raid. Hwang Dong-Su was uncertain about the culprit but he made a promise in cold blood to kill Jinwoo. Jinwoo was trapped in a Red Gate when he got to Korea.

When Jinwoo’s father emerged from the gate he was assigned to find out if he was a monster or not. After seeing his son he quickly declared him a monster and told him his son was dead. This ignited Hwang’s rage and he was completely demolished by the opponent and ended up in a hospital.


His abilities were never revealed in the series but it was pretty clear that he was on the upper level compared to other S rank holders since he was upgraded by Selner.

18. Yuri Orloff

Yuri Orloff

Yuri Orloff is an S rank hunter whose special skills consist of creating defensive barriers. His defensive magic is so powerful that he can seal an S rank gate without breaking any sweat. He was asked for help from Japan as an S rank gate appeared in Tokyo and the authorities wanted to buy some time for arranging hunters.

This alcoholic asked for a payment of 10 million dollars which is out of the line and a giant managed to break the defensive before its activation and managed to kill Yuri in the process, this led to a full-blown battle in Tokyo.


  • Sharp senses: His senses allow him to deflect anyone in a certain radius.
  • Barrier Magic: Magic powerful enough to seal the gates and the hunters 

17. Goto Ryuji

Goto Ryuji

He is an S rank hunter and is superior to other S rank holders. He is also the strongest warrior of Japan and the Guild Master of the Draw Sword Guild. Draw Sword Guild is famous for having most S rank members and they have a total of 11 S rank hunters.

Goto leads the Japanese hunters during the raid on Jeju Island. Unfortunately, they got overpowered by the ants and Goto died against the new breed of ants. The ant king is said to be as powerful as a Monarch.


No special abilities were shown during little screen time but his movements and attacks were fast and could be compared to knives.

16. Christopher Reed

Reed was among the selected few hunters that were upgraded by Selner. He got his title of National Level hunter with the help of the fragments of the rulers. The monarchs were hunting the fragments and in the process they killed Reed.


  • Ruler’s Hand
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation- This allows him to transform into a big golem covered in flames.

15. Liu Zhigang

He is one of the Ruler’s vessels and a National level Chinese Hunter. He knows how capable he is and he acts superior in front of people whom he finds inferior. Those who are superior to him respect them and stay humble to them like Sung Jinwoo.

The Chinese system of determining the level of hunters, instead of letters they give stars to the hunters. A hunter can usually have 5 stars but Liu has 7 stars rating.


  • Ruler’s Hand
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation

14. Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre is one of the ruler’s vessels and a National level American Hunter at the same time and he is also the Guild Master of the Scavenger’s Guild. He has the qualities and skills of a tank-type hunter. He imagined that he was on top of the world until Sung Jinwoo managed to completely demolish him by breaking his bones and making his healers’ magic useless.


  • Reinforcement- Thomas can cover his entire body with a tough impregnable armor of gold which increases his defense and attacking abilities. He seems to have the most powerful defense in the world.
  • Capture- He can attract everything near to him, like a black hole. By using this ability he managed to ground Kamish.
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation
  • Collapse- This ability allows him to release a shockwave in the ground by pushing and this shockwave can destroy everything in the radius.
  • Power Smash-He uses power plus magic in his punches which makes his attacks more deadly.
  • Ruler’s Hand

These are the first monster that was ever created and their sole purpose is to eradicate humanity from the earth.

13. Iron Body Monarch- The King of Monstrous Humanoids

Just like every other monarch he also sees humans as a bug and wants to crush them with his feet. Only Shadow Monarch can kill his ego as he has an immortal army.

Abilities- Yet to be shown in the series.

12. Yogumunt- The Monarch of Transfiguration and the King of Demonic Spectres

He has a huge ego, he only acknowledges Shadow monarch and sees everyone else as an insect.

Abilities- Yet to be shown in the series.

11. Querehsha- The Monarch of Plagues and the Queen of Insects

She is a beautiful breathtaking woman and she like slowly slaughtering her prey.


  • Colossal physical strength
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation
  • Poison Spit
  • Mind Control
  • Regeneration

10. Beast Monarch- The King of Beasts

Beast Monarch

Among the nine monarchs, Beast monarch is the most bloodthirsty and violent murders. He feels immense joy and pleasure after butchering someone. His face, looks, and name is all a disguise, he is a coward and will abandon his teammates to protect himself.


  • Colossal physical strength
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation
  • Gate Creation

9. Frost Monarch- The King of Snow Folk

Frost Monarch

He is the only monarch who tried to stop the shadow monarch before his full awakening.


  • Colossal physical strength
  • Ice Magic
  • Sleep Inducement
  • Gate Creation
  • Dimensional Warping

8. Legia- The Monarch of the Beginning and the King of Giants


In Tokyo, he was the final boss in an S rank Gate. He was sealed in the dungeon by other monarchs so Sung Jinwoo easily managed to defeat him.


He has more than two abilities, but till now only two have been shown

  • Colossal physical strength
  • Pledge of Trust

7. Baran- The Monarch of White Flames and the King of Demons

As a Monarch, Baran was an immensely powerful individual. However, given how strong the other Monarchs were, it is highly likely that the copy of Baran that Jinwoo fought was much weaker than the real Baran.

He was the final boss and was defeated by Sung Jinwoo in the Demon Castle Quest.


  • Colossal Physical Strength
  • Hell’s Army
  • Lightning Breath

6. Ashborn- The Shadow Monarch and the King of the Dead


He was born as a Ruler. He does not look down on humanity, unlike others. He desires peace and fights endlessly towards this goal. He can put his life on the line just to end bloodshed and war.


He possesses the same abilities as Sung Jin Woo because he is the vessel.

5. Antares- The Monarch of Destruction and the King of Berserk Dragons


When it comes to raw strength, they are even stronger than Shadow Monarch. Previously, he was the master of Dragon Kamish, the greatest calamity on earth.


  • Colossal Physical Strength
  • Dragon’s Fear: 
  • Breath of Destruction: 
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation:
  • Spatial Manipulation
  • Telepathy

4. Rulers

The Rulers

These Rulers are the true nemesis of the Monarchs. They are filling the earth with magical energy to prepare the platform for their fight against Monarchs.

There is very little information about them, we only know that they were created to defeat the Monarchs. There are 8 Rulers but only the whereabouts of 2 are known.

Ashborn-The Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light

The Brightest- Fragment of Brilliant Light

Ashborn is the most powerful Ruler and he will rival Antares, the most powerful Monarch. Just like Monarchs Rulers also cannot wander freely on earth in their original form so they use vessels.

Their known human Vessels are-

  • Go Gun-Hee
  • Liu Zhigang
  • Thomas Andre
  • Christopher Reed
  • Siddharth Bachchan
  • Sung Il-Hwan
  • Jonas

3. Sung II- Whan

Sung Il-Hwan

He is the father of the main protagonist, Sung Jinwoo. Sung II disappeared 10 years ago after going inside a gate and never came back.

Later he appeared in America in a Dungeon with the energy of a monster.

He started his journey as an A rank Hunter and he managed to defeat Hwang, an S rank easily when he came back. He has proper knowledge of what will happen in the world. He knows the existence of Monarchs and Rulers.

He is also the vessel of a ruler and he is aware of the power that he possesses, unlike other vessels. He also managed to fight 2 monarchs and hold his own.


  • Immense Strength: Il-Hwan possessed immense physical strength. He managed to send the Beast Monarch flying with one blow and stab him right through the jaw, causing him severe pain. A single well-placed kick also managed to smash the Frost Monarch into a nearby building and stun him for a long time.
  • Immense Speed: He managed to dodge and counter the Frost Monarch’s and Beast Monarch’s attacks simultaneously, as well as deflect the Frost Monarch’s barrage of icicles with ease.
  • Immense Durability: Even when El-Hwan lost his left arm, he was still able to move normally, demonstrating his incredible durability.
  • Ruler’s Authority:
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation

2. Sung Jin Woo

Sung Jin Woo

The protagonist Sung Jin-Woo started his journey as the weakest E- Rank hunter, but after finding a double gate inside a C-rank dungeon where he got a black heart of the shadow monarch. He is so powerful that all the monarchs’ respects and are fearful of him.

The architect made him a player and it means that he is the only one with leveling up abilities in the series. This takes him to another level overpowering other national-level hunters and monarchs.

Selner tried to upgrade Jin-woo and came to the conclusion that he doesn’t have a level he can upgrade to an infinite level which makes him above all others.


  • Shadow Extraction: This ability allows him to reincarnate any dead monster or human to make him his loyal shadow soldier.
  • Shadow Exchange: It is like a teleportation ability where he can change position with his shadow soldiers.
  • The domain of the Monarch: He can increase the ability of his shadow soldiers within a domain that he creates.
  • Ruler’s Authority: It is like Psychokinesis where he can control objects remotely.
  • Stealth: This ability allows him to blend in an open environment. He can mask his aura, smell, and presence which makes him disappear in front of enemies. 
  • Bloodlust
  • Longevity: This ability makes him immune against all diseases and poison injections and also gives him healing abilities. 
  • Detoxification: Instantly clears any poison which enters his body.
  • Tenacity
  • Quicksilver:  He can increase his speed by 30% using this ability 
  • Mutilation: 
  • Critical Chain: Striking Daggers from all the directions 

1. Absolute Being

Absolute Being

The Absolute Being is the ultimate creator god of Solo Leveling. He was the one powerful entity in existence that had the capacity to create both organic and inorganic life forms out of nothing. The Absolute Being is depicted as a gigantic man with long silver hair and yellow eyes. He is a cruel and selfish deity who splits the light to create the Rulers and the darkness to create the Monarchs. As a result, he is responsible for much of the conflict in the series.

He was also capable of creating objects with otherworldly powers, such as the Cup of Reincarnation. Although the Absolute Being possessed great power, he appeared incapable of using it in battle, and as a result, the Rulers were able to kill him easily. While the Absolute Being is no longer alive, his powers cannot even be compared to Jin-Woo’s since he created all of the characters that almost wiped out humanity throughout Solo Leveling.

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