One Piece 1097: Review, Predictions, and Things You Might Have Missed.

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One Piece 1097 Review, Predictions, and Things You Might Have Missed.

One Piece manga chapter 1097 is out. This chapter again establishes Kuma’s flashback as one of the best in the series. Unlike previous chapters of this flashback, 1097 mostly focuses on the relationship between Ginny and Kuma.

Chapter 1097 titled Ginny is a very emotional chapter. However, along with its emotional moments this chapter had some big reveals and a great cliffhanger. Let’s talk about the chapter and things you might have missed.

Kuma and Ginny

What Special race is Bartholomew Kuma from?

The chapter is divided into 4 parts of Kuma’s life. The first 2 parts are mostly focused on Kuma and Ginny. 

It starts 30 years ago when we see the kind Kuma curing the elderly villagers. However, we see the procedure which was really traumatic. Kuma on a weekly basis was taking their pain by himself in a similar fashion to Zoro in Thriller Bark. This establishes the selflessness of Kuma.

 Then we jump into 25 years ago. There we see Kuma and Ginny bonding. They have become more than friends. However, Kuma because of his [ast is still scared to marry  Ginny. 

This part in a very shuttle way tells the trauma that haunts Kuma still now. He has the feeling that his blood may cause the death of Ginny. 

Revolutionary Army

Revolutionary Army

The best part of the chapter starts after that. 22 years ago we see Kuma and Ginny being imprisoned because they went against the Royalty. They refused to agree with the terms of the King because they wanted a lot of Celestial Tribute.

So to rescue them came none other than Ivankov along with Dragon. They freed the slaves and stopped the tyrant King. After that, Kuma joined Ivankov and Dragon. After Kuma joined them the Freedom Fighters changed their name and became the “Revolutionary Army”. We also came to know that Dragon was a marine before. 

Then we jump 8 years into the future. There we see Ginny as a Revolutionary Officer. However,. The chapter ends with a cliffhanger giving us information about Ginny being captured by the enemies.

This chapter was shorter chapter than usual. However, there was a lot of information that was dropped during this chapter. So let’s discuss those one by one —

Things You might’ve missed

This chapter was heavily dense with information so you guys might have missed some small details. So here we will talk about that.

  1. The three men we see prison cell along with Kuma and Ginny are most probably members of Bonney’s crew. In chapter 498 we see them along with Bonney.
  2. We also saw the Jolley Roger of the Freedom Fighters. This was later changed int the Revolutionary Army Jolly Roger that we have seen in the series.
  3. 22 years ago during the creation of the Revolutionary Army, we see Dragon doesn’t have a face tattoo. Instead the same design we see attached to his pants. However, we see him with that face tattoo at the end of the chapter. That means during these 8 years something major happened that is why he made that tattoo. Possibly something related to Luffy’s mother?
  4. We also got a confirmation about Dragon’s previous life before he became a Freedom Fighter. It is confirmed that he was a Navy soldier. That leads to a major question what made him resent the Navy so much that even though Garp stayed he left?
  5. Many have noticed this one still it is a very important detail so we will keep it here. The chapter ended 14 years ago in the past. However, the most intriguing part is we did not have any reference to Bonney in this flashback. Bonney was introduced as a teenage girl so that means she should be over the age of 14 but why no reference about her yet?


The flashback in this chapter jumped in many timelines. So here we will discuss things outside Kuma’s life and what major things happened in the world. So let’s start:

30 years ago: At this time 2 major things happened. First, Garp vs Don Chinjao. Second, Kozuki Oden left Wano with Whitebeard and met Toki.

25 years ago: This was a special year in the history. Roger Pirates reached Laugh Tale this year and became the King of the Pirates. Oden returned to Wano and was dancing in the streets for 5 years.

22 years ago: This year is filled with major incidents. A lot of things happened this year. First, the Ohara Incident happened this year. Second, Portgas D. Ace was born this year. Shanks also met Yasopp for the first time this year. The last thing that was revealed in this chapter was the creation of the Revolutionary Army.

14 years ago: Nothing major happened at this time except The Puffing Tom was finally completed by Tom this year.

Predictions and Theories

We are almost at the 1100 chapter mark. So it’s safe to assume that the next 3 chapters will be insanely crazy. I have a few predictions and theories of what may happen in the next few chapters so let’s discuss those thoughts.

  1. Next week’s chapter most probably will follow the Ginny plot thread leading up to the story of Tyrant King Kuma.
  2. About the person who kidnapped Ginny – it is probably someone from the World Government. There is a possibility of it being someone like Akainu as he has prior connections with Dragon, Bonney, and Kuma.
  3. The most interesting part that the next chapter may focus on is the birth or creation of Bonney. She may be a kid as shown in chapter 1060 that way we may see her birth. In another circumstance, if Ginny died then it may lead to Bonney being a clone of her created by Kuma and Vegapunk.
  4. This story is obviously leading to Nika being the savior at this point. Kuma and Nika finally meeting will be the best moment and it will happen in chapter 1100 most probably.
  5. One major possibility that is still open is the appearance of Monkey D. Dragon in Egghead. The first meeting of the father and son. Also, Dragon is the hero of Kuma’s life so coming to save him by defeating Saturn will be a major moment in the story.

Final thoughts:

With this, we end our chapter discussion of the week. We will be back next week with more information as soon as the chapter gets out. Hope you enjoyed the chapter. Share your favorite part of the chapter in the comments.

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