Who is the Terrifying New Devil introduced in Chainsaw Man Chapter 106?

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Terrifying New Devil introduced in Chainsaw Man Chapter 106

The latest Chainsaw Man chapter picks up from the shocking revelation of how Yuko, who we believed to be the most straightforward and ordinary character in the show, turned out to be the most twisted. Asa expresses her guilt to Yoru as to how she feels responsible for Yuko making a deal with the devil. In a desperate attempt to try and give a bit of relief to her mind, she asks Yoru as to how Yuko would solve her bullying problem, though deep down she knew the answer herself.

War Devil Arc

Without a moment of hesitation or attempted compassion, Yoru tells her that Yuko plans on killing the classmates who bullied Asa. This does not help at all in calming Asa down as she says she wants to try stopping her. Yoru, who is the War Devil, however, has other plans.

She takes control of Asa’s body to prevent her from trying to change Yuko’s mind. She reveals her plan of killing Yuko in school which might make Chainsaw Man, who is her main target, show up. Even if he does not, this is still guaranteed to get them into the Devil Hunter Club.

Asa Mitaka

The next day we see Yuko walking with crutches in the corridors of her school as she’s confronted by Yoru with a sword in her hand. With her ability to read minds, she’s able to figure out Yoru’s plan but does not seem too bothered. Yuko tries to make a deal with Yoru where they fight after she kills the bullies, however, Yoru says that she’d just run away once she’s killed them.

Yuko is clearly annoyed and displeased and conveys that she likes Asa but hates Yoru and will not hold back just for the sake of her “friend”. We then see her undergo a devil transformation before finally seeing the horrifying form of the Justice Devil with its brain being visible to the eye as well as several tentacle-like organs it uses as its feet which also seem to be extremely sharp. The chapter ends here while teasing an epic showdown that is about to happen between the 2 devils.

Asa and yuko
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