All Chainsaw Man Characters Height, Age, Birthday

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All Chainsaw Man Characters Age, DOB,

Chainsaw Man is one of the best shonen manga and anime series at the moment. Fans are absolutely loving this new series since it is quite wholesome and the characters are loveable. In addition to this, the animation quality is quite good and the series is packed with action sequences, and uncensored scenes making it more enjoyable than the average anime and manga series.

If you are a chainsaw man fan and want to know all your favorite Chainsaw Man Characters’ ages, Birthdays, and heights then you are in right place.

All Chainsaw Man Characters (Status, Height, DOB, Age)

NameBirth DateAge(Human)HeightStatus in Manga
DenjiMarch 15th175ft & 7inAlive
MakimaJanuary 7th 24 (looking)5ft & 3in
PowerJanuary 29th17 (looking)5ft & 6in
AkiNovember 11th205ft & 9in
KobeniAugust 23rd205ft & 2in
HimenoMay 11thUnknown (24) 5ft & 3in
KishibeUnknown505ft & 8inAlive
PrinzUnknown195ft & 3inAlive
Angel DevilAugust 9th5ft & 7inUnknown
FushiUnknown175ft & 7inDead
MadokaUnknown195ft & 9inAlive
HirokazuUnknown225ft & 9inDead
GalgaliUnknown20 5ft & 8inDead
FurunoUnknown455ft & 9inAlive
QuanxiJuly 19thUnknown6ft & 1inAlive
RezeOctober 15th18UnknownAlive

Denji (Age: 17)


Denji is the main protagonist of the series and is a Hybrid who can transform into a Chainsaw Man. His birthdate is March 15th and his height is 5ft & 7in. His current status in the manga is Alive.

Denji has a very naïve personality formed from never having any proper parents or guidance in life. He has been extremely hard-working since a young age to try and settle his debts. While he usually does it with an ulterior motive, Denji is also a kind-hearted individual who uses his chainsaw powers to help his friends and peers. While he might often come off as rude and brash, it is never intentional and is just due to his rough upbringing.

While initially, he never thought about his actions and just did as his superiors ordered him, as the series progressed and through his experiences, he learns to have his own set of ideals and have an understanding of right and wrong.

Makima (Age: 24)

makima anime

Makima was the leader of the Public Safety Devil Hunter. She even tried to make Denji’s life happy as Denji always wanted. The date of birth of her human form is January 7th and she is 5ft & 3in tall.

Makima gave off an impression of a nice, caring, and respectable figure in the initial chapters who took care of those she considered close. While there were always shady elements surrounding her and her kindness was also questionable, she was still likable to an extent.

However, as the chapters go on, her true, manipulative nature is revealed and we find out that she had calculated every outcome till then and caused Denji innumerable heartbreaks in order for him to become her “dog”. She sees no one as her equal and is cold and apathetic towards everyone which earned her the hatred of almost every fan.

Power(Age: 17)

denji personality

Power is one of Denji’s best friends and is a Blood Fiend. She was born on January 29th and her height is 5ft & 6in. She is currently deceased in the manga.

Her personality shares a lot of similarities with Denji as she is childish, immature, and rude to most people while not caring at all about personal hygiene. From her very first appearance, we find out that she is very selfish and does not care about who is thrown under the bus as long as her objective is achieved.

However, similar to most characters in the series, she has fantastic development as we see a person who did not like any person grow to form friendships with Denji and Aki and grow to trust them. She grows to become compassionate and a person who is willing to protect others besides just her cat.

Aki(Age: 20)

Aki Hayakawa human

Aki is the deuteragonist of Chainsaw Man who’s had contracts with the Fox, Future, and Curse Devils before becoming a Gun fiend. His birthday is on November 11th and he is 5ft & 9in tall. His status is dead.

While being introduced, he seems like the typical stoic and cool rival character which every protagonist has in shounen manga. We soon find out that it is anything but that through his extremely tragic backstory where he lost his entire family to an attack by the Gun Devil and lives only to get his revenge.

He is also a surprisingly soft-hearted and sensitive individual who hates it when his friends get hurt. While he is extremely determined and capable of being ruthless, Aki is a surprisingly normal character who fears for the lives of his friends and truly cares about everyone he works with.

Himeno(Age: 23)

Chainsaw Man Have Romance Himeno

Himeno was a Public Safety Devil Hunter who worked under Makima’s special squad and along with Aki. She was born on May 11th and was 5ft & 3in height. Her status is deceased.

As Aki’s partner, Himeno was always seen as a mature and wise mentor figure who had a lot of experience. She was always upbeat and confident while maintaining her calm during stressful situations. Through flashbacks, we also find out that she has her own “dark” side after several of her partners died on duty and has an understandably pessimistic view of their world.

However, this does not mean that she isn’t caring as she hopes for all her peers to stay alive and also tries her best to complete her duty without having to lose anyone.

Kobeni(Age: 20)

Kobeni Higashiyama

Kobeni is a former Public Safety Devil Hunter who was part of Makima’s experimental Squad till the battle with the Darkness Devil in Hell after which she resigned. Her birthday is on August 23rd and she is 5ft & 2in tall. She is currently alive in the series.

Despite having been a Public Safety Hunter, Kobeni is exceptionally cowardly while almost always opting for the easy way out.  She gets frightened easily and is easy to betray others due to fearing for her own life as we say in the Eternity Devil Arc. However, the reason she was placed in Makima’s squad is due to her prowess during the heat of battle.

While her general demeanor might be panicky, she is shown to cool-headed and skilled in fights while even capable of being merciless in achieving her objectives.

Kishibe(Age: 50)


Kishibe was a Public Safety Devil Hunter part of Tokyo Special Division 1 who became captain of Special Division 4 after the assault on Special Divisions. His date of birth is unknown but his height is 5ft & 8in. He is currently alive.

Living up to his appearance, Kishibe is a man who has lived through many tragedies and has experienced a lot through his years of Devil Hunting. He is a straightforward individual who displayed very little emotion throughout his time in the series.

This does not mean that he is uncaring, however, as we see him even developing affection for Denji and Power during his time training them and questioning Makima regarding their safety. The only things he openly admits to enjoying are booze, women, and killing devils

Angel Devil (Age: 17)


Angel is the Angel Devil and a Public Safety Hunter part of Tokyo Special Division 4. His birthdate is August 9th and he is 5ft & 7in tall. His current status is unknown.

With the appearance of a young, androgynous male, the angel devil is an enigmatic character who shows no hostility towards humans despite being a devil. He is even shown being apologetic towards their deaths which might suggest that he even has a certain amount of liking towards them.

He is an extremely lazy individual who is abhorrent to fighting and hates being ordered around. He seems dissatisfied with his power to steal life spans from people and is reluctant to even use his abilities.

Reze(Age: 18)


Reze is the Bomb Devil, a hybrid from the Soviet Union sent to steal Chainsaw Man’s heart. Her date of birth is on October 15th but her height is unknown. She is currently believed to be alive in the series.

During her introduction, Reze is shown to be a kind, caring and likable girl who treats everyone with respect and is enthusiastic about everything. She is highly sympathetic to Denji’s situation and even helps him experience the good things in life.

However, it is later revealed that it was just an act that she put on and that her original personality is very cunning and manipulative and every emotion she displayed was a calculated ploy for her to get closer to Denji.

While this was all due to her harsh training from childhood, she does seem to have reciprocated Denji’s feelings towards the end as she approaches the café to run away with him.

Quanxi(Age: Unknown)


Quanxi is known as the first Devil Hunter and is the hybrid of a devil who is not named. Her birthday is on July 19th and is believed to be 6ft & 1in. She is alive in the series.

Similar to Kishibe, who she has a history with, Quanxi is a calm and stoic person who is unreactive in most situations. She is very quick-thinking and clever in battle while never losing sight of her mission.

Though her methods are brutal, she does not desire needless killing and even prefers to leave those other than the main target alive. While she might seem uncaring, she is very compassionate towards her harem of friends and even puts herself in harm’s way several times to protect them.

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1 year ago

I don’t think Aki is 18. The legal age to work in Japan is 16, and (when Denji first met Aki) Makima already told Denji that Aki had been working in Public Safety for 3 years. Also, since Aki told Himeno that he was underaged at the time Himeno asked him to smoke, that would place him between 16 and 17 then. As such, Aki should have been between 19 and 20 years during the 1st season of CSM.

1 year ago

reze 20???!!!!
aki is 20-21 because in japan need to have 20 years for drink and smoke

1 year ago

+ devils don’t have a biological age,so angel isn’t 17
quanxi probably 30 or 50 like kishibe


and makima isn’t 24, she looks like a 24-25

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