What is Gun Devil in Chainsaw Man?

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Ritik Katiyar

What is Gun Devil in Chainsaw Man?

One of the major antagonists of the Chainsaw Man series. His appearance is a collection of guns and his power is of a full-blown arsenal at his disposal.

Gun Devil is one of the most horrible and strongest villains in the chainsaw man.



Gun devil’s character design is very flashy and is easy to remember. Just like the name his whole body is made up of big guns of different categories. His arms are composed of guns, his face is a huge skull and the rest of the body seems to be a very large skeleton, seen in chapter 75. 

His bottom doesn’t have normal legs but legs composed of guns just like his arms. He seems to be levitating in the air and it looks like bandages coming from its torso. He uses the most famous weapons as his body design for example AK-47 in his arms.


Gun devil Personality

There is no doubt that he is a major player in the series but we still don’t see what he is like. Only one thing that is certain for sure is that he’s obsessed with Denji and he also sends his minions to kill him.

Devil man has no worries about sacrificing people given that he gets what he wants. He was willing to give the whole population just to stop Makima.

Strength & Abilities


In the series, if a devil dies he reincarnates in hell and if he dies in hell he reincarnates in the human world. We still don’t know how many times or up to what length this works.

Gun Devil possesses the same immortality skill.

Regeneration & Incredible Speed

In the Chainsaw Man world, all the devils have this regeneration ability. They can regenerate their health by drinking the blood.

He also has lightning speed and is one of the fastest beings in the world. In chapter 13 we got a taste of his real speed, in less than 5 Minutes he massacred more than a million people scattered all around the world. He is so fast that his skin peels off his body when he’s in his speed.

Contact Creation

In the world of Chainsaw Man humans can make contracts with the devils. It happens when a human gives up something precious and in return, he gets a share of the devil’s power.

Bullet creation and precision

As Gun Devil has guns at his disposal, he can fire bullets from every gun he has, but interestingly he doesn’t require to reload any bullets. All the bullets create at his will and he can create them endlessly. His incredible speed comes into play here and he creates these bullets very fast.

Apart from unlimited ammo he can fire these bullets with a very high precision rate. He can kill anyone within a mile, and it doesn’t matter where they’re hiding.

He also has this strange ability where he can find out people born during a certain month.

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