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Top 10 Most Powerful Characters in Chainsaw Man

If we talk about the strongest character in the World of Chainsaw Man, there are many powerful characters that can easily take the first spot. Starting from devils to devil hunters there are many individuals who have the ability and skill that stands out.

But we already know, there can be only one character who can be “the strongest of them all”. Let’s take a look at the list of most deserving candidates for the title.

10. Katana Man

Katana man

Katana Man, also known as Samurai Sword, is the primary antagonist of the Katana Man arc. He is a human-demon hybrid that merged with the Katana Devil. Denji killed his grandfather, so he plans to take revenge on Denji by affiliating with the Gun Devil. He fought Devil Hunters of the special division 4 and also fought Denji.


Using his arm blades, Katana Man is a skilled fighter who overwhelms Aki and Denji with his strong slashes

  • Hybrid Transformation: As he removes his left hand from his body, a katana emerges from the stump, and he turns into Katana Man with swords emerging from his arms and head.
  • Enhanced Strength: When transformed with his slashes, the Katana Man is capable of cutting through solid walls.
  • Blood Consumption: In his hybrid state, the Katana Man can regenerate his body by consuming blood. After being bifurcated by Denji, it can be seen that he has been regenerated.

9. Reze


Reze was a super-soldier of the might Soviet Union and was also the Bomb Hybrid. Reze and Denji fought in the bomb girl arc after tricking him. Reze managed to wipe out the entire Safety division all by herself.


Reze is an expert in unarmed combat. She could disarm and injure an assassin completely by going around him and putting him in a stranglehold in her normal human state. After becoming Hybrid her already existing assassin skills were enhanced.

  • Bomb: She can turn body parts into explosives and would use them to propel herself in mid-air, as seen in chapters 47-48.
  • Speed & Combat: As seen in chapter 46 she easily dodges the Fox devil with her devil form. She is as fast as a car and she can even outrun it simply by running or by her jumps.
  • Regeneration: As she has this explosive ability, to compensate for the damage that she does to her body she also has a regeneration ability.

8. Santa Clause

Santa Claus

It is not what you are expecting it to be. Santa Claus is a mysterious woman who has a contract with the Doll Devil that allows her to control several different bodies. She was originally thought of as a devil hunter but as the story progressed it was revealed that she was serving the Soviet Union.


She also had contracts with Hell Devil, Darkness Devil, and Cursed Devil.

  • Doll Creation: Santa Claus and Doll Devil made a contract that allows her to convert into dolls, seen in chapter 58.
  • Perfect Doll Creation: Santa Claus can turn people into perfect dolls by imbuing them with emotions such as respect, worship, admiration, and guilt, so they become an extension of Santa Claus and can make devil contracts in Santa’s place.
  • Mind Transfer: It is possible for Santa Claus to transmit his senses and pain to all of his dolls.

7. Kisisbe


Kisihbe was formerly a Special Division 1 member and calls himself the strongest Devil Hunter, later he became the captain of the special division 4.

Kisibe alone managed to overpower Power and Denji during their training, seen in chapter 30. He also went head to head against Quanxi in chapters 61-62.


Kishibe has active contracts with Claw, Needle, and Knife Devil but he has never used during the series because he is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat in using weapons like knives.

6. Quanxi


Quanxi was the first devil hunter and she was employed by China. Don’t try to get close to her, she will tell you that she is interested in girls or it may get worse and she will decapitate your head.

Quanxi helped Denji in killing Santa Claus. She also managed to defeat Kishibe, seen in chapter 62.


She is very skilled with the sword as seen in chapter 60 where she managed to kill an entire group of Devil Hunters in a go. She can move rapidly and fire arrows rapidly in her Hybrid form. 

5. Gun Devil

gun devil

The gun devil is thought to be the most dangerous devil who has ever appeared. His power came from something that is most feared by all humanity that is guns.

In chapter 13 when he first appeared he killed more than 1 million people and that too in 5 minutes.


Due to his strong willpower, he can generate unlimited ammunition and he can also drink blood to regenerate.

  • Immense Speed: Gun Devils are incredibly fast; he can kill 1.2 million people in five minutes between multiple countries across the globe.
  • Bullet Projection: The Gun Devil has the ability to fire bullets with great precision and speed from the guns on its body. Within approximately 1000 meters of himself, he can fire a bullet through the head of every adult male in the vicinity.
  • Blood Consumption: The Gun Devil is a devil, so its health should be restored by consuming blood.

4. Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil

He is one of the primal devils who has never died. He came into existence from the fear of humanity of darkness that has existed for ages. He first appeared when Denji alongside other devil hunters when they were sent to hell by Santa Claus.

The group managed to escape when Makima held Darkness Devil but he broke Makima’s arm and finger, seen in chapters 63-66.


His abilities were shown off for a brief time. He can summon a blade out of darkness and have full control over it. He can also separate arms from the bodies by using an unknown force of darkness.

3. Hell Devil

Hell Devil

It is one of the most primal fears to ever exist. He gains his power from the fear of humanity that is hell. He only appeared twice and made a contract with Santa Claus to send Denji alongside other devil hunters to hell, seen in chapter 63.


The range of abilities is still unknown. It was shown that he can transport anyone to hell but for a price in chapters 64-66. He has a regenerative ability just like other fiends where he can drink blood and regenerate his body parts.

2. Makima


Makima is the main antagonist of the first part, later as the story progressed it was revealed that she is the control devil. She is extremely skilled and her abilities are through the ceiling, she was only beaten by Denji because she lost focus for a second, seen in chapter 96.

It is safe to say that her true potential is unknown as she never showed her devil form. It can be anything, your imagination can run wild in guessing her devil form.


As mentioned above her true power is still not shown but as seen in chapter 27 she can crush opponents by using an unknown force. She is immortal, the damage done to her is felt by a random Japanese civilian. She can control anyone lower than she and she can use the powers to kill them in a battle, seen in chapter 86. At last, she can shoot a force powerful enough to send the chainsaw devil to space from her fingers.

1. Denji


Denji is the strongest being of all and is the main protagonist of the series chainsaw man. Denji has a devil who can erase existence, as seen in chapter 84. Denji easily came back from hell by defeating every devil who came against him, he even beat Hell devil after turning into Chainsaw Devil, seen in chapter 83.


After accepting the power from the chainsaw devil he became Chainsaw man. Denji can burst chainsaws from his arms as he transforms into the chainsaw man, seen in chapter 1. In devil form, he managed to slice Makima and was defeated only when the crowd started to cheer him, seen in chapter 89. He has regenerative abilities but these abilities are stronger than other devils. We saw him fighting Eternity Devil for 3 days in chapter, 19.

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