What are Devil Hunters in Chainsaw Man?

Devil Hunter

As the name suggests these are normal humans or otherwise who have taken the liberty to fight and kill the devils on themselves whenever the threat shows up in the Chainsaw Man world. These humans posing as devil hunters make contracts with devils so that they can stand a chance while fighting against them. The contracts give them a fair advantage against devils, bigger than standard law enforcement. Denji, the protagonist plays an important role in the story as he is the devil hunter in both the public safety division and the private sector.

Public Safety Devil Hunters

Public Safety Devil Hunters: Tokyo Brunch

Just like a fire department or police force, the public safety devil hunters is a government-sanctioned organization. Whenever any threat occurs to the public these devil hunters are sent to neutralize it or to look into any small devil-related incidents. The danger level can vary from one devil to another devil. According to Himeno generally, they’re sent to work on big threats.

The Safety division is split into several divisions. A major division of hunters is led by Makima. Denji, a common man who fused with a devil named Pochita belongs to the same division.

Tokyo Brunch

Division 2


Special Division 4

  • Captain Kishibe
  • Aki Hayakawa
  • Power
  • Denji
  • Prinz
  • Angel
  • Himeno
  • Fushi
  • Madoka
  • Hirokazu Arai
  • Kobeni Higashiyama
  • Beam
  • Galgali

Private Sector Devil Hunters

Private Sector Devil Hunters

This group of devil hunters likes to work alone or in groups having other private hunters. Sometimes they’re tasked with the work given by the public sector for a certain amount of time. The job is usually of a bounty hunter where they kill or capture any certain devil and get paid for it.

It is considered unprofessional or illegal to kill a devil which is already being hunted by the private sector devil hunter, this can even to an arrest of public safety devil hunter.

  • Hirofumi Yoshida [Japan]
  • Akane Sawatari [Japan]
  • Santa Claus [Germany]
  • Master
  • Tolka
  • Quanxi
  • Aldo
  • Joey
  • ThugEldest
  • Aldo & Joey’s Brother
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