Who Killed Power in Chainsaw Man and How? Can Power Come Back to life?

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Who Killed Power

Makima Kills Power After Denji’s Birthday Celebration.

Following Aki’s Death, Denji is so emotionally and psychologically exhausted that he does not want the burden of taking decisions anymore. Using the wish that Makima said he would grant him earlier, he asks to be her dog so that he could live a life without having to think. Following this, Makima tells Denji that she had invited Power over to her apartment.

Happy Birthday Denji

Denji opens the door and finds Power with a birthday cake for him and in a moment of complete shock and horror, Makima points her finger at Power and blows her body up which brutally separates her head and legs. Later on in the series, she appears again as the Blood fiend from Denji’s body due to him drinking Power’s blood earlier on and saves him from Makima and a horde of zombies.

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Unfortunately, the reunion is short-lived as Power makes a contract with Denji to help him defeat Makima in exchange for her blood. Her new form was not sustainable anyways since she had essentially resurrected because her consciousness had transferred to Denji from her blood that he drank, and it was never her own in the first place and so with her “death”, she became one with Denji again.

Can Power Come Back?

Gun devil Personality

Being a fan favorite character, the first question on most people’s minds would be could she come back? Following the optimistic words, she left behind to Denji before her parting where she asks him to find the Blood Fiend and turn it back into Power so they can be buddies again certainly does make it seem so.

When a Devil dies, it gets reborn in Hell and when it dies in hell, it eventually reincarnates back in the surface world again with no memories of the past. This goes to reinforce the fact that a Devil can never truly die. This would mean the next time Power meets Denji, it would be as an enemy and Denji would have to work towards remaking their relationship so things could go back to how they were before.

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