Who is Pochita in Chainsaw Man?

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We all have a friend who came from one of the weirdest places we know. The same can be said for Denji and Pochita. They both met near Denji’s father’s grave. Throughout Denji’s life, his father was the worst person in his life but at least something good happened after his death when Denji met Pochita.

In the first chapter Denji visited his father’s graveyard and came across a cute yet lethal dog who had a chainsaw stuck between its head. Denji instantly realized that this was not any ordinary dog but a devil dog. Denji offered him his blood as he has heard before that devils can regenerate from the blood. By this incident Denji and Pochita became friends.


Pochita with Denji

Looks can be deceiving especially in the case of Pochita. Initially, when Denji met Pochita, it looked like a small, petite, and cute dog but his true form can give goosebumps down the spine.

In Manga, Pochita was shown in red or orange color while in the dog form. It is yet to be seen his anime adaptation by MAPPA.

He can generate handles too from somewhere, Denji used those handles and used Pochita as a chainsaw when he cut the trees to pay off his debt to Yakuzas.

Pochita’s devil forms replicate humanoid devil where he has four arms and a chainsaw can be seen coming out of each arm. His face also resembles a chainsaw which looks similar to Denji’s hybrid form. To see this personality of Denji readers had to wait for the 83rd chapter.


Pochita Personality

His nature is very mysterious and it can be seen how he behaves around humans. In Pochita’s and Denji’s first interaction, he waited for Denji to show any reaction. Just like a real dog he communicated with Denji with barks and only spoke for the first time when he fused with Denji. It is clearly seen that he cared about Denji and only wanted to help him in fulfilling his wishes like best friends.

But Pochita is really scary when he is in his devil form. He becomes violent and is ready to take out any threat in front of him. He is also ready to help others, unlike the other devils.

Strength & Abilities

Contract Formation

In the world of Chainsaw Man, every devil has the ability to form a contract with humans. Pochita and Denji made a contract, in this contract Pochita will be Denji’s heart, and in exchange, he will live a normal life.


Denji & Pochita

Pochita can allow Denji to use his chainsaws while in combat or against any enemy.


As Pochita is a devil he is immortal and can consume others in order to survive.

Devil Eraser

In chainsaw Man, he is the only known devil that can remove the existence of any other devil. If Pochita manages to consume any devil he won’t be able to regenerate by consuming blood.

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