Can Hybrids Die in Chainsaw Man?

Can Hybrids Die in Chainsaw Man (1)

A hybrid is a being that exists due to a fusion between a Devil and a Human. The only known method for this to happen is for a contract to be formed between the human and Devil. Hybrids have the unique feature of having the appearance of their Human counterpart while being able to use the powers of the Devil.

Can Hybrids Die in Chainsaw Man

They can also Transform into a superior form using specific triggers each distinctive to the Devil such as Denji pulling pochita’s tail similar to a cord to start a Chainsaw and Reze pulling a pin on her neck like one from a bomb. Hybrids can restore their health through the consumption of blood which is synonymous with Devils. A lack of blood may pause or prevent the transformation of the Hybrid.

Taking all these factors into consideration, is it possible to kill a hybrid? The technical answer to this would be No since there is no known method to kill the combined state of the human and devil together. However, this does not mean there is no permanent way in destroying a hybrid. Since the Human is a liability in a battle between supernatural powers, if the contract between the human and devil is broken, then it becomes quite easy to kill the Human and defeat the Devil.

Denji Hybrid Form

It was also believed that the only way to kill Denji was to destroy his heart where the Chainsaw Devil lived, hence dragging the Devil out of the body is yet another way a Hybrid can be torn apart. While other Hybrids such as Reze and Quanxi are shown in a way where they are believed to die, it is left ambiguous as to whether it is a permanent state or if they could come back to life later due to their Hybrid properties.


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