Who is Quanxi in Chainsaw Man?

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Quanxi is one of the antagonists of the Chainsaw Man but major antagonists in the International Assassins Arc. Quanxi is also known as The First Devil Hunter. She’s from China, has 4 girlfriends. The Chinese government has tasked her to retrieve Denji’s heart. 


Human Form:

Quenxi Human Form

She’s a tall woman with an eye patch covering her right eye and white pony-tailed hair. Casually she wears a black tank top, white belt, long pants, and a boot. On her back, she has three sheaths to hold three swords. 

Hybrid Form:


In her hybrid form, her teeth and her head sharpens and form a shape like hardened arrows and horns take the shape of a bow. Arrows protrude out of her neck and her forearms grow with bow-shaped attachments on them.


Quanxi with her Girlfriends

She can be seen as a lazy and lethargic person who prefers leisure more than anything else, but when it comes to her girlfriends, she amuses herself by having sex with them. She is mostly apathetic to the surroundings around her and spends most of her time as a calm and stoic person. She’s a firm believer in the “ignorance is a bliss” theory, the more you ignore the world around you, the happier you become despite the chaos you have to suffer.

On the contrary of her being apathetic, she cares deeply about her girlfriends and she will keep them happy and out of danger.

Quanxi Strength & Abilities

Quanxi Strength & Abilities

Immense Strength

Her strength is described by Hirofumi Yoshida as beyond human capability. After wielding swords she becomes unstoppable and cuts dozens of humans and dolls until the swords are destroyed by her own force.

Immense Speed

Quanxi possesses lightning-fast speed even in her human form. She can disappear in front of five devil hunters and she can manage to cut an army of dolls, created by the doll devil.


She handles multiple swords in a fight, changing them as they are destroyed by her own attacks. Swordsmanship combined with her speed can cut through hordes of enemies rapidly.


She has mastery of the Japanese and Chinese languages and can speak them fluently.

Blood Consumption

She’s capable of healing her wounds just by consuming the blood of her opponents.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Kishibe considers her to be one of the best in the world when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. As seen in chapter 14 she was able to neutralize Denji, Kusakabe, and Tamaoki with her kicks in a matter of seconds.

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