What are Devils in Chainsaw Man?

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Devils in Chainsaw Man

When you hear the term Devil what do you get in your mind? Born in hell, sucks blood, cruel and evil aura. That’s exactly what it is. Devils in the Chainsaw Man world are born in hell and their names are usually correlated with the things that already exist in the world. Every devil has a unique name. The form of these devils revolves around the names that they have for reference the Gun Devil has gun-related abilities and is constructed from guns. These devils are immortal when dying in hell they appear in the human world and when they die in the human world they appear in hell. Devils lose their memories as they reappear. 

These devils feed on human blood and fellow devils’ blood. Naturally, it’s in their nature to be hostile towards both. However, some of the devils are friendly and feed themselves by other means. Devils can grow very strong by drinking blood.

Primal devils, a breed of immensely powerful and fierce devils. Names that primal devils possess are the fears found within the human psyche. Even other devils and fiends are scared of these primal devils.


Devils abilities

Devils have the abilities based on their names. The more fearful their names are the more power they have. Each name in the devils is unique and so is their ability. As these devils use these abilities, a portion of their blood is consumed.

All devils have the ability to consume the blood, flesh of other creatures to become more powerful and to heal their injuries. By consuming blood they also get the abilities of other devils but it only works if the devil to be consumed is alive.

There is one more ability common among all the devils that are reincarnated. When a devil dies in the human world they reincarnate in hell and when they die in hell they reincarnate in the human world. This effectively makes them immortal but whenever they reincarnate their personality and memories resets.



In exchange for a sacrifice, devils allow humans to borrow some of their power.


Aki Hayakawa
Aki Fiends For,

When a devil takes over a human corpse it turns into a fiend. The personality may resemble that of a corpse given that the brain is still intact. In some cases, the devil may also get the memories of the body they took over.

Fiends are less powerful than their respective devils and have the ability to use the abilities up to a certain extent. They can drink blood but they can not perform contracts like other devils.


Denji & Pochita

Sometimes when a human fuse with devils results in a hybrid. Hybrids can blend naturally as they have human appearance and consciousness. The hybrid devils were erased by the chainsaw devil but they still continue to exist for unknown reasons.

Hybrids transform by some bodily trigger, their regenerative abilities are limitless as they can regenerate by consuming a small quantity of blood.

The known hybrids of Chainsaw Man world are Katana, Chainsaw, Bomb, Spear, Flamethrower, Whip, and Longsword. These hybrid devils are known as Weapon Humans except Chainsaw.

List of Devils

Popular Devils
  • Angel Devil
  • Bat Devil
  • Blood Devil
  • Bomb Devil
  • Chainsaw Devil
  • Claw Devil
  • Control Devil
  • Cosmos Devil
  • Crossbow Devil
  • Curse Devil
  • Darkness Devil
  • Doll Devil
  • Eternity Devil
  • Fish Devil
  • Fox Devil
  • Future Devil
  • Ghost Devil
  • Grape Devil
  • Gun Devil
  • Hell Devil
  • Katana Devil
  • Knife Devil
  • Leech Devil
  • Mantis Devil
  • Mold Devil
  • Muscle Devil
  • Needle Devil
  • Octopus Devil
  • Pig Devil
  • Punishment Devil
  • Sea Cucumber Devil
  • Shark Devil
  • Skin Devil
  • Snake Devil
  • Spider Devil
  • Stone Devil
  • Tomato Devil
  • Typhoon Devil
  • Violence Devil
  • Zombie Devil
  • Control Devil [Reincarnated Devils]
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