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Shoto Todoroki, also known as Shoto or Todoroki-Kun, is the deuteragonist of the My Hero Academia anime and manga series. He, like his friends Izuku and Bakugo, is a student at U.A. High School who is preparing to be a Pro Hero. He also then later becomes Izuku Midoriya’s second-best buddy as well as a friendly rival later on. He also happens to be the son of Endeavor, the legendary hero who comes after All Might. He has been admitted to U.A. High School thanks to his father, Enji Todoroki aka Endeavor, and several formal recommendations.

In the Japanese adaptation of the anime series, Yuki Kaji voices Shoto as a teen and Kei Shindo as a youngster.

Character Information

shoto todoroki wiki
Full NameShoto Todoroki
Hero NameShoto
OccupationStudent at U.A High School
PowersHalf-Cold Half-Hot
FamilyEnji Todoroki (father) Rei Todoroki (mother) Toya Todoroki (oldest brother) Fuyumi Todoroki ( older sister) Natsuo Todoroki (older brother)
BirthdayJanuary 11
Age15 ( first appearance) 16 (current)
Height176 cm
Hair colorWhite ( right side) Crimson (left side)
Eye colorDark grey (right side) Turquoise (left side)
Blood typeO
Anime DebutEpisode 5


Shoto Todoroki Appearance

Shoto is a well-built young man who is relatively tall and muscular for his age. His hair is lengthy and splits between white and red on his right side and red on his left. Shoto is claimed to be the youngest of four siblings, and he is the only one that inherited both Endeavor’s (father) and Rei’s (mother) eccentricities. His mother flung a saucepan of boiling water at him when he was a toddler, leaving him with a large scar on the left side of his face. Shoto suffers from heterochromia iridium, which causes his right eye to be grey and his left eye to be turquoise.

His first superhero outfit was a plain white shirt with matching slacks and boots. As a way of rejecting the fireside of a quirk, he wore an ice-like substance on the left side of his body that is detachable from the neck upwards.

 Shoto’s outfit was eventually altered to include a dark blue short-sleeved jacket and leggings with two gold-colored straps crossing his shoulders. He wears a metal-plated combat vest and white boots, as well as a brown utility belt with medical supplies in it.

Personality and Skills

Shoto Todoroki and Skills

Shoto’s disposition was initially characterized by a frigid and aloof demeanor. He exuded an introspective demeanor and preferred to be alone rather than socialize with his peers. However, his fortunes changed when he encountered Izuku Midoriya, who trounced him in battle training. Shoto is frigid, yet unlike Katsuki Bakugo, he isn’t unpleasant. Because of his then-abusive father Endeavor and his difficult childhood, he despised the fire half of his quirk. Shoto may be socially naive, yet despite his mother scarring him as a child, he is revealed to be close to his mother.

Shoto was admitted to U.A. High School on the basis of recommendations, and he was regarded as one of his peers’ most capable students. Shoto is powerful because he inherited both his father’s and mother’s quirks, allowing him to employ both fire and ice quirks. Shoto can rapidly drop the temperature and freeze anything he touches by using the right side of his body.

Half-Cold & Half-Hot – Shoto’s quirk affords him both pyro and cryokinesis, thus allowing him to manipulate both fire and ice.

Overall, Shoto possesses enormous power, but he has yet to realize his full potential as a result of his previous decisions and circumstances.

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