Crocodile Secret Revealed

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Crocodile Secret Revealed

One Piece manga has reached its Final Saga. After the release of chapter 1058 the Final Saga started and revealed a lot of thrilling info. However, the most exciting thing was the return of characters like Crocodile and Mihawk.

In this article, we are going to predict the future of the plot regarding the Crocodile and try to solve his Secret mystery. So without further ado let’s begin with our theory.

Who is Sir Crocodile?

Sir Crocodile

He was the first major villain of the series and still has a considerably huge fanbase. After 900+ chapters Crocodile returned making everyone amazed.

With the release of chapter 1058, Crocodile returned with a bang. He has a bounty of 1.965 billion and he built the “Cross Guild” along with Mihawk. Though because of Marine misunderstanding and the running gag Buggy became the owner of the guild.

Still, the audience wants to know more about Crocodile and his plans.

So we will start the theory with his supposed connection with the Revolutionary Army.

Monkey D Dragon And Crocodile

Before going in-depth about the past of Crocodile and his connection to the Revolutionary Army, we need to know about the perspective of Dragon. The most heinous criminal in the world, still we know almost nothing about him after 1050+ chapters.

We only know that Luffy, the protagonist, is his son. However, we never saw him fight or take revenge against anyone. We saw Dragon also changed his hideout once Blackbeard came to know about it. So there is a major chance that he is a follower of Gandhian non-violence.

He might be trying to save nations ruled or tortured by the Celestial Dragons. The Gandhian ideology of “violence creates more violence” might be Dragon’s belief. “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. They do not kill or destroy anything. They teach the people to protest.

Revolutionary army helped villager, one piece 880
One Piece Episode 880

In Episode 880 we saw that Revolutionary Army helped villagers not only from pirates but also teach them how to protest.


Now as we are clear of the perspective of Dragon’s ideology it’s time to dig more into the past of Crocodile. As a villain Crocodile was introduced as very ruthless. He never thought a second time before killing his enemy. Also, he never trusted anyone. Even his own crew members were not trustable to him.

His past had some incidents that make him not trust anyone. Also, we know his connection to Ivankov. So he must have a past with them. To our theory, he might have been the right-hand man of Dragon before Sabo.

Dragon About Sabo in Chapter 1058

As we discussed Dragon never killed ruthlessly and he got angry at the thought of Sabo killing Cobra. So it might have been Crocodile who killed someone before Sabo and Dragon throw him out of their Army.

Now, why would Crocodile be a part of the Revolutionary Army? We saw Crocodile say it at Marineford. He helped his enemy Luffy just because he did not want the Marines to win. So he also might have a grudge against the Celestial Dragons or World Government.

That also might be the reason why he captured Alabasta first. As we know Nefertari Cobra is a part of the top 50 Kingdoms of Reverie. So his plan might have been to destroy the Celestial Dragons from the inside. Right now, as we know he has opened another team to destroy Marines with “Marine Hunter” Mihawk.

Why does Crocodile wants Ancient Weapon Pluton?

Crocodile from the very beginning was searching for Ancient Weapons. So why and when did he know about them? What was his purpose? His link to Revolutionary Army clears this a little. As Dragon must be aware of the Ancient Weapons. However, Dragon never wanted to use the ancient weapons to destroy the Celestial Dragons.

As it might cause a mass murder of many innocent people. Still, Crocodile wanted to use them to destroy the Celestial Dragons. So they had a fight resulting in Dragon’s face scar. After a long trusted relationship as a right-hand man, when Dragon rejected Crocodile’s idea of Ancient Weapons and beat him almost to death, he left the Revolutionary Army. This also might be the cause of his trust issues.

What is Crocodile’s Secret?


Now the question is what does Ivankov knows about Crocodile? Sir Crocodile might have been a woman. Many people already theorized it as a well-known theory of “Croco-mom”. We are thinking a little differently here. He might have hidden his original identity as he was quite famous.

As a woman, she was very notorious and after fighting Dragon was announced dead. Also in Oda’s picture of SBS, we saw a female Crocodile who had a facial scar. This might imply Crocodile received the scar in his woman phase. However, he didn’t die but was changed into a man by Ivankov.

Another big secret might be related to his connection to Cross Guild. Caribou as we came to know delivering secrets of Ancient weapons to a “certain man”. The first person connected to ancient weapons we came to know is Crocodile. Also, we know he likes to work hidden as we saw in Alabasta. His crew Baroque Works was a crew like that. So it’s not very far-fetched that Caribou might be his underling.

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