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Sanji, also known as ‘Black Leg Sanji’ is the cook of Straw Hat Pirates. He was the third son of the Vinsmoke Family, making Sanji a former prince of the Germa Kingdom. He has already disowned his family twice, once during his adolescence and again after becoming an adult. Luffy later approached Sanji to make him join his crew and thus, Sanji joined as the fifth member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Sanji Wiki

Other NameVinsmoke Sanji (Real Name)
“SANGORO” (Wano)
“OSOBA-MASK”(Power Ranger Form)



Sanji is a tall, slender, long-legged man with sleek light blonde hair on one side of his face that is the left side before the time jump. He changed his hairstyle for the very first time in two years to hide his right side. After the time skip, Sanji’s hair looks unkempt and rough instead of straight.

Sanji’s prominent eyebrows are one of his interesting physical characteristics. Both curl inwards, but with different ends. The outer whorl of his right brow is on his left side, and the inner whorl is on his right side.

For the most part, Sanji wears a black double-breasted suit with gold buttons, a tie, and a variety of colors. He wears a long-sleeved, buttoned shirt (usually orange, blue, turquoise, or black).


Sanji Personality

Sanji’s demeanor is defined by his friendly, calm, cool, and calm attributes and is one of his most famous traits. He tends to speak very calmly even in serious situations and he rarely acts without thinking.

Like Zoro, he’s more insightful than he looks and often says what people need to hear rather than what they want to hear, thus making him one of the most experienced members of the crew.

It is a fact that he frequently isolates himself from others so that his crew and other allies can survive as depicted in several scenes in both the manga and the anime.

Sanji is usually very smart compared to the crew as he can think ahead most of the time which makes Sanji one of the most rational members present in the crew.

 He is also a womanizer and frequently flirts with any pretty woman he encounters and is very infatuated. But Sanji has his values set right, as under no circumstance would he ever attack a woman, and during a battle, he would only resort to blocking their attacks.

He is pretty compassionate and shows sympathy whenever he sees people who are struggling with something. Despite his looks, Sanji and his actions are pretty chivalrous and planned in nature.

One most important value cultivated by Sanji as a cook is that he respects food and hates it when it goes to waste.


Sanji Abilities

Since childhood, Sanji has undergone years of rigorous training under Zeff, giving him superhuman strength, resilience, speed, and agility, even before his latent genetic enhancements awakened.

This allows him to use different handstands for kick-based martial arts, making him incredibly versatile in combat. Sanji is insanely physically strong, before even showing off his lower body strength, he held Fullbody up by the neck with just one hand during his first appearance.

Sanji has incredible stamina and toughness. His endurance and his speed are actually very impressive. He is considered as the most agile, tough, versatile, and rational member of the crew by the fans.

Even as a young child, when he was still considered physically weak, he survived the regular and severe beatings of his three superhuman brothers. The rigorous physical training made him very strong before he became an adult.

Genetic Modifications:

Genetic Modifications

When Sanji was young, his siblings (who usually overpowered him) saw him as a let-down and a failure in the family because he was weaker than them.

This is because Sanji lacks any obvious genetic upgrades as a result of the medicine his mother took throughout her pregnancy to ensure that Sanji would retain his humanity and sanity.

Later, during the battle with Queen, Sanji furiously discovers that genetic alterations that had been dormant within him since birth had now sprung to life, giving him an exoskeleton that makes him virtually invulnerable and a superhuman physical constitution, including a faster healing rate.

Sanji made the decision to embrace the changes to his body after realizing his genetic modifications had fully awakened as a result of him wearing his Raid Suit.

He noticed that his already remarkable strength had drastically increased to a level far surpassing anything he could have imagined after only partially perceiving his new abilities. He also noticed that his speed has evolved to the point where it appears as though he can disappear without the suit.

Blackleg Style:

Under Zeff’s strict guidance, Sanji became a skilled master of the Black Leg Style, a martial art he created that only makes use of dynamic and well-coordinated kicks.

Sanji claims he does not want to risk harming his hands since he needs them to cook, therefore he employs handstands in the Black Leg Style instead of punches.

Using this martial style, Sanji can easily take down several adversaries at once, including pirates, Marines, and World Government agents.

After the time skip, Sanji can employ fire in his attacks. Some of Sanji’s powers were influenced by the trauma from the preceding two years; in fact, the mere mention of it causes him to erupt in wrath.



Sanji’s relationship with the crew started out a bit sour as he would often question the ideology of Luffy and Zoro as they would always play their lives for their dreams but this later encouraged Sanji to achieve his own dream of finding the All Blue.

He also used to get into tons of conflicts with Zoro and Usopp but after the fighting at Arlong Park, he opens up to everyone and feels warm and comfortable with the entire crew (Never with ‘Mosshead’).

Sanji was initially hesitant to join the crew but one glimpse of Nami was enough to sway Sanji to join the crew. Sanji and Nami have a relationship where they both respect and admire each other, sharing their true feelings and sometimes secrets.

Sanji has many a time tried to bluff about the fact that he does all of his tasks only for the women aboard the crew and cares nothing about everyone else. This is an obvious lie as in many instances, Sanji has dived right in to save his friends.

Luffy and Sanji share a strong bond as neither one of the two lets the other one down. They both respect each other and their ideologies seem to match as we progress in the series. Sanji also admires Luffy for creating a safe environment for his crew and that he never harms any of his crew members. Sanji’s belief in Luffy and his actions is immaculate as he has never once doubted the actions of his captain.

Sanji and Zoro have been true friends as they deeply care for each other although they are always in many verbal and physical fights with each other. They never leave a chance to mock the other one and always have conflicts. Sanji has also been jealous of Zoro because his bounty has always been less than the latter and also because it was Zoro who had Kozuki Hitori which made Sanji very restless and jealous.

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