One Piece 1087: Will Garp Die in Chapter 1088? Garp-Dragon Relation and More

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One Piece 1087

One Piece has returned from a month-long hiatus due to the eye surgery of author Eiichiro Oda. This chapter was phenomenal to say the least. The chapter covers the stuff in Hachinosu Island which was left out after chapter 1081.

The chapter is filled with more information regarding Blackbeard pirates and the relation between Garp and his disciple Aokiji. So without further ado let’s analyze the chapter first then Will Garp Die topic.

What Happnened in One Piece Chapter 1087

Garp The Fist

The chapter is titled: “Battleship Bags” And the chapter starts with the title as we see some battleships which are broken by punches. In the very beginning we see Garp has an upper hand while fighting Aokiji and the Other Blackbeard Captains. He already threw San Juan Wolf in the water. However, soon the whole fight changed as Aokiji came back to stop Garp. The fight between the legendary Hero and his disciple began. 

As Garp helps the SWORD members escape, Koby falls into a trap. In order to save a person Koby runs however, it was all a lie to use Koby and bring Garp down. Shiryu using his invisibility power goes for Koby but Garp interferes and gets stabbed instead leaving himself severely wounded. 

Then we get a small flashback of Garp and Aokiji. Leading into the battleship bag training as we see Aokiji begging Garp to train him. After a long denial Garp agrees. The rules for punching the battleships are no use of Haki Or Devil Fruit.

Dragon is the son of Garp

In this short flashback it is also confirmed that Dragon is really the son of Garp, as many used to theorize that he may be the son in law of Garp. Then after the flashback the Teacher and Student clashed in a fearsome punch and then we see Garp falling in the side. The chapter ends with Garp saying “Justice will prevail”

1087 is Mini Marineford

1087 is Mini Marineford

A specific thing about this chapter is it has many references to Marineford. We will first talk about them.

  • The Cover Page: Ace in that cover page is lighting a Cigar of a Capybara. We Know Akainu is a person who loves to smoke Cigars. A specific small detail.
  • Shiryu stabs Garp: This scene is a major reference to the death of Ace. At that moment Luffy was chasing a Vivre Card and here we see Koby trying to save a civilian. Both were targeted and in between the enemy and themselves stood their most loved human being. For Luffy it was Ace and for Koby it was Garp. An awesome reference to that epic greatness.
  • Chapter 556: The last page of chapter 1087 has a big reference to chapter 556 as that chapter was titled “Justice Will Prevail”. And a more interesting thing is the chapter starts with a huge hand of Oars that was trying to save Ace, however, here Avalo Pizzaro’s hands are coming down to crush every single marine there is.

One Piece Chapter 1087 Theory/Predictions:

Now there’s a lot that chapter unfolds and keeps the readers engaged with many thoughts. Many theories and predictions could be made from here. So we will get into them here one by one.

There are two sides of this situation. One he may die which will create a huge disbalance in the current navy. And another side where he may be captured for reasons and then we go from there. So we are going to discuss it in both parts. 

Why Grap will Die?

Garp death
Credit: OPFanPage

Garp’s death has a huge relevance to the story.

First of all it will build the upcoming big war between Luffy vs Blackbeard. Then it will shake the core beliefs of the Navy. Garp being one of the strongest and defeated will also destroy the morale of every marine.

And after that there’s the chance of there other Hero Koby getting captured. This situation will very easily fulfill the dream of Blackbeard which is to make Hachinosu an official Pirate Island. 

Koby’s Conqueror’s Haki Awakening: From the beginning we have seen Haki bloom in people in dire situations. Like Luffy in Amazon Lily and Marineford. Even though it wasn’t the first time, Marineford is when the World Government came to know about Luffy’s fearful existence. Luffy used that haki from his deep love for Ace and his ‘will’ to save him. The present moment may lead to awakening something like that inside Koby too. To save his only family/teacher he may awaken Conquerors Haki. 

Why Grap Will Not Die?

Garp Will not Die

Now this side is very interesting. There are a few things that still keep the idea of Garp not dying.

  • First of all, his influence directly using him as a hostage to make their wish fulfilled is a way to do it.
  • Secondly, Kuzan has a huge interference here. He might play the same Jaguar D. Saul card here. He might freeze Garp and announce him dead and later betray Blackbeard. Finally, the Pudding circumstance.
  • Blackbeard may capture Garp to use his memories of God Valley. This may be the most interesting part of the theory. So yeah both sides are fairly active. We may get confirmation next week about what will happen. 
  • Garp will captured and “sold” to Cross Guild. That will create Luffy vs Buggy.
  • Someone will save them.

Who can save Garp and Koby from this Situation?

Garp holds unwavering confidence in the presence of an individual who will step up and halt Avalo Pizarro’s assault, ultimately saving the ship. Given Garp’s mention of “justice will prevail,” it is highly probable that this individual is affiliated with the Marines or shares a steadfast belief in justice. While the precise identity of this savior remains uncertain, Garp firmly believes that a resolute and formidable advocate for justice will emerge to intercede and thwart Pizzaro’s malevolent intentions.

Bogard will save them by Wielding the Supreme Grade Black Sword named Humphrey. I am joking


With this, this week’s One Piece article comes to an end. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Share your thoughts in the comments about what you think will happen to Garp? And I’ll see you next week with another chapter review. 

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