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Brook is the ninth member of the crew and the eighth to join the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the musician and one of the two swordsmen of Straw Hat Pirates. He is also called as “Soul King” Brook and joined the crew at the end of Thriller Bark Arc.

Brook consumed the devil fruit, Yomi Yomi no Mi which granted him the ability to return to life from death once.

Brook Wiki

88 (DEBUT)



Brook had a rather unusual face and was a tall, tan, slender man when he passed away for the very first time.

He had minor sideburns and a little beard on his chin. He frequently donned sunglasses, seldom showing his eyes. There was a scar on his forehead that vaguely resembled a diagonal omega sign. This scar was still visible on his skull in his skeletal form as a recognizable crack.

Brook is a very tall skeleton with a top hat and cane who is dressed in formal wear. He is just slightly shorter than Jinbe in terms of height among the Straw Hat team. He claims that his hair has very strong roots, which is why he still has an afro despite having no skin.

After the time skip, Brook changed into more extravagant and vibrant clothing, as if to portray a rock star. He wore a new top hat with a huge crown on the brim, yellow feather boa, heart-shaped sunglasses, and orange, red, floral-patterned pants.



Brook is a particular individual with a unique personality. He may appear to be a gentleman and believe himself to be one, yet his manners are vulgar and perverse.

Brook is a very ethical and caring person, deserving of a true gentleman, despite his quirky attitude. Brook detests wickedness and cruelty. His responses to certain events can be fairly extreme, frequently in a comedic way.

Brook enjoys listening to music a lot. Music is usually what keeps Brook going whether he is in a happy or sad moment.

Uncomfortably, Brook inclines to lose his senses in slightly stressful situations. He places the same significant importance on friendship and keeping your word. Despite his affinity for being childish, he proves to be a trustworthy and brave companion.


Brook Abilities

Because of his skeletal body, Brook can carry out several tasks that would be dangerous or impossible for a typical human. He can quickly repair any bone damage by drinking milk, and as long as his body is solid and unbroken, he will survive and live.

Brook is extremely lightweight because his skeletal body is devoid of tissue and organs, which increases his speed and agility. He is the Straw Hats’ swiftest member as a result. He can jump exceedingly high into the air and sprint across water without sinking. In battle, Brook frequently employs his exceptional speed to dispatch opponents with strikes that are too swift for them to perceive.

Brook is a great musician who excels at playing several kinds of instruments, but his favorite instrument is the violin. Because of his exceptionally keen hearing, Brook can detect noises with great accuracy.

Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit

Brook consumed the Yomi Yomi no Mi when he was still alive, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that enabled his spirit to return to the living world and reinhabit his body after he passed away.

By briefly separating his restored soul from his body enough that it may travel independently of it, he can effectively transform himself into a ghost.

As a result, Brook’s body becomes a dead shell. However, as a spirit, Brook can pass through objects and reach places that are out of reach for him physically. The “chills of the Underworld,” a pure coldness emitted by Brook’s soul force, enable him to impart this icy aura to objects like his blade.

With this sheer cold aura, Brook has the power to freeze his surroundings too and he has depicted this incredible ability when he turned the land around him on Zou to ice.


The fact that Brook has a fairly vulgar, raw, and quirky personality, possibly as a result of having not interacted with anyone for several years, was initially a key factor in the crew’s disliking of him.

Despite his annoying demeanor, Brook has a genuine affection for his team and will go to great lengths to defend Usopp and Sanji from Kuma. However, Brook’s musical taste and sense of humor can entertain the entire team, and his function as a strong comical figure is justified.

Brook publicly declares that he exclusively obeys Luffy’s commands and, unlike the majority of the crew, seems to have a great deal of respect for the captain.

Brook abandoned his career as a musician after the time skip because he owed the Straw Hats and Luffy for having accepted him.

When they initially met, Brook’s skeletal appearance greatly worried and perplexed Zoro. However, after learning of Brook’s link to Laboon and saving him from Ryuma, Zoro started to love the undead skeleton’s companionship. Brook and Zoro get along well as the Straw Hats’ two swordsmen.

One of the first crew members to meet Brook was Sanji. A talking and walking skeleton startled him. Sanji agreed with the rest of the crew in backing Luffy’s choice to bring him aboard.

Sanji continues to be irritated by Brook’s juvenile personality traits, such as his farting and burping over meals, as well as by his corny “skull jokes.” Sanji frequently entrusts the crew members’ safety to Brook, showing that he appears to have a lot of faith in his physical strength.

When Nami initially met the skeleton, she was afraid of Brook and hid behind Sanji, but as she got to know him better, they developed an amusing friendship.

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