What is the One Piece Treasure?

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What is the One Piece Treasure

As we are drawing close to the end of One Piece, fans are getting increasingly curious about the mystery of the treasure.

There are many theories and predictions regarding this matter. Yet, no one has confirmed what it is. Even after 25 years of weekly runs in Shonen Jump, it still remains a mystery.

So we thought – why not stir things up a bit and talk about the unimaginable treasure, What we know so far and what could it be? So, put on your thinking caps, and let’s dig in!

What is the One Piece Treasure?

The One Piece is the greatest treasure of Eiichiro Oda’s Magnum Opus One Piece.

It is a treasure first claimed by a person named Joy Boy. Later, we find Gol D. Roger and his crew found it. They found it on the last island of Grand Line. The treasure was so unbelievable and ludicrous that the Roger pirate crew laughed out loud. Even they named the island “Laugh Tale”.

To this date, the treasure is unknown and unpredicted among the fanbase.

What do we know About One Piece?

What do we know About One Piece?

Not much is known about this treasure. The known info is still not enough to predict what it may contain. The owner of this grand treasure is Joy Boy, a person who is believed to have lived during the Void Century. We first learn about the treasure from the former Pirate King Gol D. Roger.

Moments before his Execution, Gol D. Roger announced that all of his treasure is left on the final island in the grand line which also brought the beginning of the “Great Pirate Era”. Then after a lot of fan predictions, we got another confirmation during Marineford War from Edward Newgate(aka Whitebeard). He also before his death confirms the existence of the great treasure.

He also announced that finding the treasure will “turn the world upside down” and will begin a great war. We also learned from Roger and Rayleigh that they and Ohara might have been too early to find the treasure.

Then recently in the Wano Arc Big Mom announced that some of that treasure might be left in the Wano country. Though it was never mentioned after that.

Where is One Piece Treasure?

Where is One Piece Treasure?

When Luffy first meets Crocus ( Roger Pirate Doctor) he told Luffy that On the final island of the Grand Line – Laugh Tale, there is said to be the treasure of One Piece.

Who found the One Piece treasure?

One Piece is supposedly hidden on the island Laugh Tale at the end of the New World. With Kozuki Oden’s help, the Roger Pirates discovered the final destination of the grand line- Laugh Tale. It was also revealed that the One Piece treasure found on the Island of Laugh Tale was not Gol Roger’s treasure, but Joyboy’s. The island was named by Gol D. Roger after he and his crew discovered the treasure.


  • Some special info is known about the treasure which is confirmed by the author Eiichiro Oda in Momoko Sakura‘s interview. Many from the beginning thought the treasure might be something like ‘the friends we made along the way.’ However, Oda in that interview broke the concept. He confirmed that the treasure is a real thing. Though he never revealed its proper form. He confirmed the treasure does exist in its physical form in the Laugh Tale.
  • Also, the treasure in Japanese is called “ひとつなぎの大秘宝(hito-tsunagi no Dai-hihō)”, which means the great hidden treasure. “ひとつなぎ(Hito-tsunagi)” literally means One Piece. “人繋ぎ(Hito-tsunagi)” in Kanji it can also mean “connecting all people”. Also if we pronounce it like ‘ 一つ凪 (hitotsu-nagi)’ it may mean “the calm/peaceful sea”. 

What is the One Piece treasure theory?

Theories about One Piece

Though nothing is still confirmed the treasure does exist and so do many fan theories. Fan curiosity created many treasures that might come true in the end. Some of them are also referred to here.

  • Some people believe it is a treasurer of golds, silvers, etc. Unlimited riches might be the treasure. However, it leaves a question why did Roger laugh then?
  • Secondly, it might also be the history of the Void Century. Yes, the truth might be the treasure that may turn the world upside down. 
  • People also believe that some kind of treasure to control the Ancient Weapons( Pluton, Poseidon, Uranus) might be the treasure. This might destroy the Red Line creating the All Blue.
  • The “Will of D.” might be a clue that connects to what is One Piece. It has to be connected to Freedom and the people of D might be safeguarding it from bad people. So it might be a gathering of Poneglyphs.
  • Also, there is a huge fan-favorite theory about One Piece. As Artur (@newworldartur) created the idea it might be Binks’ Sake. The fans almost believed it to be true. A thousand-year fermented Sake might be the treasure. 

Now, most of it is purely the fan’s prediction. However, we think the truth is not very far away as we enter the Final Saga soon. Many theories will be again rejected and some might come true.

So look forward to the final Journey of the Straw Hat crew with their captain Monkey D. Luffy.

Do you have any other fan theories of your own? Let us know in the comments below. If we really like your answer we might add it to our article😉.

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