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West Blue is often referred to as the sea of the underworld, due to the presence of mafia organizations. There are mainly five mafia organizations present here collectively known as the Five Families Of The West.

The West Blue like all the other seas consists of several scattered island and ocean areas with the border line- The Red Line.

The members of the Straw Hat Pirates like Nico Robin and Musician Brook were born here. Famous personalities like the RED HAIRED SHANKS, who is an emperor; Gecko Maria– the former warlord of the sea and Capone Bege– one of the pirates of the worst generation were also born here.

In the story, we never visited West blue but we saw it in different flashbacks.

West Blue Wiki

Japanese Name:西の海
Official English Name:West Blue
First Appearance:Chapter 391; Episode 275
Compass:Ordinary compass
Literal Meaning:Ocean of the West

Locations in the West Blue

Locations in the West Blue
OharaNico Robin’s Home Land. Famous for archaeologists but it was destroyed by a Buster Call.
Ilisia KingdomA country governed by Cezar
Thriller BarkA gigantic ship owned by Gecko Moria
Ballywood KingdomA country ruled by Ham Burger.
Kano CountryHomeland of the Chinjao Family
Unknown VillageShank’s Home Village
Unknown VillageBrook’s unnamed Village

Characters from the West Blue

Characters from the West Blue


  • Nico Robin
  • Clover
  • Nico Olvia
  • Rint
  • Zadie

Rumbar Pirates

  • Yorki
  • Brook 
  • Mizuta Madaisuki
  • Mizuta Mawaritosuki
  • Laboon

Thriller Bark Pirates

  • Gecko Moria
  • Hogback
  • Absalom
  • Perona
  • Victoria Cindry

Fire Tank Pirates

  • Capone Bege
  • Vito
  • Gotti

Kano Country

  • Ramen
  • Chinjao
  • Sai
  • Boo
  • Chichilisia

Other Pirates

  • Shanks
  • Daz Bonez
  • Chesskippa
  • Byron
  • Raccoon

Historic Information:

 Rumbar Pirates

Laboon and the Rumbar Pirates

Rumbar Pirate was a group led by Yorki who were sailing in the west sea 52 years ago. At that time Musician Brook was a part of this pirate group. On their journey, they met with a baby whale that deviated from its group and lost its way. Seeing the whale crying, they played music to cheer him up which impressed the whale. They named him Laboon.

Since then Laboon has been following them on their journey. When they were heading closer to the Grand Line, Yorki told Brook to convince Laboon to not follow them into the Grand Line and stay on the western seas. But Laboon still followed them. After the group crossed the Reverse Mountain, they met with Crocus who was an inhabitant of the place. Yorki asked Crocus to take care of Laboon cause he thought that the Grand Line was far too dangerous for the young whale.

Yorki and his crew promised Laboon that they will come back to meet him in two to three years and take him back with them.

When they left for the grand line, after some time Yorki and a few others were infected with an incurable disease. To not spread the disease to others, they left the ship and decided to escape through the Calm Belt.

Now Brook was made the captain of the present Rumbar pirates but eventually, they were attacked by another group of pirates at Florian Triangle.

They were defeated and slowly one by one they were heading towards their death. 

Previously Brook had eaten the Yomi Yomi no Mi, so he can resurrect after he dies. The remaining members of the ship recorded their last song in a Tone dial so that one day Brook can bring that to Laboon. 

Now Brook continued to play the song and slowly everyone was disappearing with smiles on their faces and at last, Brook too died. After a year Brook was resurrected as a skeleton.

Ohara Incident

Ohara Incident

The Tree of Knowledge is a place where all the historic events were recorded and written in books. Its located on a small island in the west blue known as Ohara Island.

This tree was resided by the greatest scientists in the world who were archaeologists- they studied all the important events that took place throughout the world’s history. It was also their duty to protect the records and keep them well maintained.

At a time nearly 22 years ago, they studied the Void Century- it’s a period that took place 800 years ago. The world government is strictly restricted to not research on that particular topic.

But eventually, when the government came to know about the island and its scientists, they initiated a Buster Call.

Only one person named Nico Robin survived this huge massacre and she was the only one who can read the PONEGLYPHS, and restore the ancient weapons. Ultimately she was named the DEVIL CHILD.

Later through many incidents, she joined the Straw Hat Pirates.

Five Great Families of the West

Five Great Families of the West

In the Five Families Of the West, Capone Bege was once selected as the leader and carried out the underworld operations. He was quick-witted and targeted mainly the other rival bosses and rose in power. He had many enemies but can outmatch them through his Devil Fruit Powers.

Finally, Bege sailed out to the grand line and wanted to dominate the whole pirate world.


Do Straw Hats ever go west blue?

No; Straw Hats never go west blue.

Who is from West Blue in One Piece?

The members of the Straw Hat Pirates like Nico Robin and Musician Brook were born here. Famous personalities like the RED HAIRED SHANKS, Gecko Maria, and Capone Bege were also born here.

Is Shanks from East Blue?

No; Shanks from West Blue.

Is West Blue located in New World?

4 blues are outside the grand line and New World is the second half of the grand line. So it is not located in the new world.


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