One Piece Chapter 1085 Explained: IMU ATTACKED COBRA, MU’s Power, Will of D & More

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One Piece Chapter 1085 Explained

One Piece Chapter 1085 came out recently with many lore drops and new info reveals. This chapter was nothing less of a masterpiece. All the 25 years of build-up in Final Saga so far paying off immensely.

From the major antagonist reveals to the will of D. everything has been a major conversational topic in this chapter. Then we also got some much-needed Reverie answers and fun character interactions that make One Piece so special. So without further ado let’s get into the chapter.

Imu Sama and King Cobra:

Imu Sama and King Cobra:

The Chapter started off right where 1084 left off and we see a very interesting conversation between Cobra and Imu. This is where the first major reveal happens. As Cobra revealed he has heard the name Imu before and it might be of someone among the very first 20 Kings. This gets more confirmed as we see Imu talking about Lili and her supposedly big blunder. However, Imu refused to confirm that information. Surprisingly Imu revealed major details regarding the Will of D. and confirmed it’s their ancient enemy.

Nefertari Family and the Will of D.

Nefertari Family and the Will of D.

As the conversation progressed we get to know more about the D. stuff. From Imu we got to know more stuff regarding the poneglyphs and Queen Lili. As it got explained we learned, Lili did something to spread the poneglyphs all over the world and she is the reason why the whole world is after One Piece. Then we got a major reveal regarding the Nefertari family as we get to know the full name of Queen Lili. Her name is Nefertari D. Lili. Also, we hear the final message of Lili and it goes like this- “The Poneglyphs must be protected. Fly the flag that heralds the world’s eventual Dawn”. As soon as her name got revealed Cobra got stabbed and in the scene enters Sabo.

Sa D Bo Vs. Gorosei:

Sa D bo Vs. Gorosei:

To save King Cobra Sabo as soon as possible attacks the Gorosei with the Fire Fist. Then we see a terrifying hellish picture in the throne room. We see 5 massive demonic figures surround Sabo and attack him. The figures are silhouetted however, we can enter a little theory-crafting regarding these figures. Some say they are most probably the Awakened Mythical Zoan forms of the Gorosei. Some think it’s inspired by the story “Where the Wild Things Are”. As it moves forward we see Cobra sacrificing himself to give Sabo a chance to escape as he gives him a last message. King Cobra told Sabo to share the message of Queen Lili with Luffy and Vivi. With this, the kind father and benevolent King of Alabasta passed away in the throne room of Pangea Castle.

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Vivi and Wapol:

As Cobra dies in the throne room another person came to know of the presence of Imu sama. That person is Wapol. Immediately after he saw the terrifying sight of Imu sama he ran to save his life. In between this, we see Vivi being kidnapped by the CP0 members(former CP9). Then as she was planning to escape Wapon randomly enters the room breaking the wall and Vivi took this opportunity to free herself. This will eventually lead to the current situation of Wapol and Vivi meeting with Big News Morgan.

One Piece Chapter 1085 Theories and Predictions:

This chapter brought many things for the theory-crafting fans of One Piece. The first is Imu referring to himself as Mu. Mu in Japanese means Void or nothingness and in Katakana, it means “Pupil of the Eye”. Sometimes it also represents the Dream too. As Twitter user Sandman said it kind of has the childish mannerism which implicates the fact that Imu might be a child. Also, it has a connection to Atlantis as it was called “the Land of Mu”.

The next thing is a theory about the probable relationship between Lady Toki and Queen Lili. Both of them were from the Void century and for some reason, they seem to be connected. It might have been possible that Lili took help from Toki to scatter the poneglyphs or Toki might be coming to the present time to help Joyboy to find the poneglyphs left behind by Lili.

The next massive thing is about Imu’s true Identity. He might not be a silhouetted figure but a hollow shadow figure without any physical body like the hollow knight.



With this, our article comes to an end. There are infinite possibilities from here in which the story might go from here. Next chapter we might go to the present time or the flashback may continue as we still haven’t seen Sabo’s escape and Vivi and Morgan’s meeting. But they are minute details. So looking forward to another awesome chapter, till then goodbye.

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