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The East Blue which is also known as the Sea of Schemes is considered the weakest among all the four seas. The story of One Piece starts from this ocean and lasts for six arcs. This ocean also comprises many small and scattered islands and has a borderline- the Red Line.

Although it’s considered the weakest sea, the famous King of the pirates- Gol D. Roger was born here. He along with many powerful characters like Monkey D. Garp- the navy vice admiral; Monkey D. Dragon- the revolutionary army leader; and also the pirates of the worst generation like Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro along with their team members like Nami, Usopp were born here. Luffy’s two brothers- Ace and Sabo who are prominent figures in the pirate world were also born here.


Japanese Name:東の海
Official English Name:East Blue
First Appearance:Chapter 1; Episode 1
Arc East Blue Arc
Compass:Ordinary compass
Literal Meaning:Ocean of the East
Popular Locations in the East Blue
NameKnown For
Dawn IslandIsland of Goa Kingdom where Monkey D. Luffy was born and raised.
Goat IslandThe Former base of operations of the Alvida Pirates.
Yotsuba IslandShells Town Island where Luffy meets Zoro.
Shimotsuki VillageThe village where Roronoa Zoro and Kuina trained
Organ Islands Orange Town’s Island where Luffy defeats Buggy.
Island of Rare AnimalsWhere Hermit Gaimon Lives
Gecko IslandsAn Island where Syrup Village, Usopp’s hometown, is situated.
BaratieSanji’s Ship restaurant
Conomi IslandsNami’s hometown
Oykot KingdomWhere Namis’s mother found her.
Coziawhere Germa 66 attacks 13 years ago.
Loguetowna popular trade town in the East Blue. Here Pirate King Gol D. Roger was born and executed.

Characters from the East Blue

Characters from the East Blue (1)

Goa Kingdom

Monkey D. Luffy King SterryQueen Sarie NantokanetteKing of Goa Outlook III
DiditAhho Desunen IXAhho ZurakoSabo ‡Makino
Woop SlapGyoruChickenMakino’s ChildMonkey D. Garp
Monkey D. Dragon ‡Portgas D. Ace Curly DadanDograMagra
MinatomoHiguma NaguriPochiLord of the Coast

Shells Town


Shimotsuki Village

Shimotsuki Kozaburo *KoushirouKuina †Roronoa Zoro ‡Saga ‡ ≠

Orange Town

BoodleChouchouPoroHocker †

Syrup Village

Usopp ‡Yasopp ‡Banchina †KayaMerry
NinjinTamanegiPiimanMorninKlahadore ‡
Luigia ‡ ≠Mansion’s GuardMansion’s Guard


ZeffPattyCarneSanji * ‡

Conomi Islands

Nami ‡Bell-mère †NojikoGenzoNako
ChaboMummy MeeDaddy DeeJohnnyYosaku


Gol D. Roger †IpponmatsuIpponumeYuSapi
HangerPackySmoker * ‡Tashigi ‡Mashikaku
Ed ≠Raoul ≠Daddy Masterson ≠Carol ≠Eccoli ≠

History and Facts about East Blue

Birth and Death of the Pirate King

Birth and Death of the Pirate King

The Late Pirate King- Gol D.Roger was born in Loguetown, a city located in the east blue. And this was also the place where he was executed 24 years ago. The words spoken by him at the time of his execution were the golden words that started the Great Pirate Era. 

Creation of Tequila Wolf

Creation of Tequila Wolf

The Celestials Dragons once ordered the construction of a bridge nearly 700 years ago due to some unknown reasons. It led to the creation of the Tequila Wolf. The construction force comprised slaves, prisoners, and countries that were not in favor of the World Government. It’s an unfinished bridge but due to its sheer size, it became a country.

Nico Robin was once sent to this place by Bartholomew Kuma before the time skip of 2 years when they were fighting with him at the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. She was also captured as a slave and had to work on the bridge.

Later the Tequila Wolf was discharged by the Revolutionary Army.

Shimotsuki Family

Shimotsuki Kozaburo swordsmith from Wano country

Shimotsuki Kozaburo who was a famous swordsman of the Wano country ended into East Blue, 55 years ago when he left his home country illegally. Kozaburo settled down in the east blue and had a family of his own, a son named Koushiro and a granddaughter named Kuina. The village where he lived was also named the Shimotsuki Village. He later died of old age.

Germa 66

Germa 66 wanted to defeat the island of Cozia in the East Blue 13 years ago. When they came from the North Blue to the East Blue, Sanji’s elder sister Reiju released him from prison and made his escape from the Germa Kingdom. Although Judge, caught Sanji, he let him go on the condition that he never uses his Vinsmoke name again.  

Arlong’s Invasion

Arlong, a Fishman along with his other crewmates came from the Grand Line thirteen years ago in the hope of conquest of all the four seas. They thought the east blue to be the weakest, so they first started to conquest it. They first conquered Conomi Island where Nami lived. However later due to the occurrence of situations, Monkey D.Luffy defeated Arlong and ended his tyrant rule. From this Luffy got his first bounty-30,000,000 berries, which made him the most infamous man in the east blue.

Burning of Gray Terminal

Burning of Gray Terminal

The royal family of the Goa Kingdom tried to burn the Gray Terminal twelve years ago to prepare for the arrival of a celestial dragon. They hired the Bluejam pirates and placed oil and gunpowder throughout the place. But later they too died as they were betrayed by the king. Due to the revolutionary army, many people were able to escape. 

Bluejam was defeated by Portgas D. Ace and Dadan. Sabo left Goa after this incident but was shot by the celestial dragon on the way.

Frequent Questions:

What sea is Gol D. Roger from?

Gol D.Roger was born in Loguetown, a city of East Blue.

Who is the strongest in East Blue?

Smoker was considered the strongest in East Blue Saga. Currently, Luffy is the strongest.

Who led the biggest pirate fleet in the east blue?

Pirate Admiral Don Krieg.

Who is the most wanted man in the east blue?

Pirate Hunter Zoro was a most wanted man but after defeating Arlong Luffy become most wanted with 30Million bounty.

Who has the highest bounty in East Blue?

Monkey D Luffy has the highest bounty in East Blue of 30 Million

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