How Imu (IM) Destroyed the Lulusia Kingdom and Why?

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How Imu (IM) Destroyed the Lulusia Kingdom

One Piece chapter 1060 just dropped and Oda blew everyone’s mind with the chapter. This chapter has some great reveals along with creating more mysteries for the Final Saga. Fans are going crazy after reading the chapter. So what makes this chapter so good? Let’s discuss.

As we start the chapter we saw our Straw hat crew on the Thousand Sunny. However, the real thing started as we return to the call of Sabo. Sabo called Dragon from the Lulusia Kingdom. In order to inform about the Empty throne of Pangea Castle. As we read ahead we see the whole kingdom got destroyed by an unknown force. It was erased from the map.

Empty throne of Pangea Castle

The interesting thing about this chapter is also we saw Imu-sama who is assumingly the final villain of the series. The Navy HQ tapped the call of Sabo and Dragon and got news about his location in the Lulusia Kingdom. Then we cut to the Gorosei talking about his unfortunate fate and after that Imu crossed out Lulusia from the map. Then a devastating power falls down from the sky destroying the whole Island. So what was that Godly Power?


IMU with Giant Straw Hat

As we saw the power of that weapon we can assume it was some kind of Ancient Weapon. Those weapons are known as destroyers which can destroy everything. So this might be our first spectacle of the power of an Ancient Weapon. As we know the attack came down from the sky it might be Uranus. Poseidon is under water and Pluton is in Wano. The missing Ancient Weapon might be why Imu is ruling the world.

Imu’s Devil Fruit

Enel Destroyed Sky

This also might be a power of Imu. As we saw the chapter there was no clear reference that it’s Imu’s attack. However, it might be his Devil Fruit power. The destructive force looked quite like Enel’s thunder attack in Skypiea. However, the island was totally obliterated. So what might be Imu’s Devil Fruit power?

It might be some kind of power that controls the weather. As we see the sky a was looking dark and getting close. So it might be linked to that. This power also might be connected to something like God. Like that attack might be some Heavenly Ray that eradicates whatever Imu wants.

Dr. Vegapunk created Ancien Weapon’s Clone

SSG Vegapunk

However, considering the scale of that attack there is a huge chance that might be a human-controlled Spaceship created by Dr. Vegapunk. As we saw recently, Vegapunk created the Seraphims using various future technology. So he might have replicated the Ancient weapons. To oppose the Joy Boy that might come in the future.

As we know JoyBoy can control ancient weapons. So it’s not out of the order to think World Government had been trying to create such a thing. It also might connect to SSG.

As this article end, thanks for reading, and also share your ideas you have about this massive destruction that happened in this chapter. See you soon guys in my next One Piece article.

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