Is the Punk 02 Girl really Vegapunk? Who is Dr. Vegapunk?

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One Piece Chapter 1061 just dropped with a massively unexpected revelation. As many predicted we went to a new island in this chapter. As always the Island is still a mystery except its name was revealed. However, the main attraction of this chapter was the last page. Is one of the decade-old mysterious genius finally revealed, or is it a fake-out by Oda?

The chapter from the beginning was focused on Straw Hat reaching the new Island Egghead. Also, we came to know the Island is 500 years in the future regarding technological progress and Dr. Vegapunk’s research lab is on that Island. After a long time, we also saw Tashigi and Punk Hazard kids back into the story. We also met a new Vice Admiral and some new SWORD members. However, everything got blown away with the reveal of Vegapunk. So what is all this excitement regarding Vegapunk who is he/she?

Who is Dr. Vegapunk?

SSG Vegapunk

Dr, Vegapunk was first officially referred to in chapter 684. He is known as the most intelligent scientist in the One Piece world. He is behind the experimentation of Kuma. He invented sea prism stone and tried to create artificial Devil Fruit. Also, before joining the marines he was a part of the MADS along with Caesar Clown, Vinsmoke Judge, and Queen. He was also the man who created Pacifistas and also recently we came to know about his invention Seraphim which rivals the Shichibukai. He was always one of the most important characters in the series and was thought to be hiding major secrets.

chapter 448 cover story

In one of the SBS Oda revealed that there is a scientist who will reveal the secrets of Devil Fruit and to this date, Vegapunk was the only candidate for that role. Between this, a little observation is chapter 448 cover story. The cover story shows an old man making an android. So that might have been Vegapunk and we will talk about it in detail here too. So after chapter 1061, we can expect many big revelations in this arc.

Is the Girl Really Vegapunk?

For like 15 years, fans were waiting and the reveal happened in chapter 1061. However, still many fans are in doubt about the reveal. So why are fans in doubt? In the last panel of the chapter, Vegapunk was revealed to be a Young Woman. Fans are in doubt because there are some points that don’t match the old descriptions of Vegapunk.

First of all, she announces herself as Dr. Vegapunk though as we know in case of big reveals we get a title card depicting the character’s true identity. That was missing in this chapter. Secondly, we saw some of Vegapunk’s mechanical robots which are all marked with numbers. This girl was also marked with the number Punk 2. So who might be number 1?

The third point is we have some old silhouettes of Vegapunk that do not match with her and also a G-5 marine once stated Vegapunk is an “old man”. However, we saw the girl speaking in an old-timer speech. So if she is not Vegapunk then who is she?

If she is not who is she?

Vegapunk according to the latest chapter of One Piece is a girl. However, we are not completely agreeing with the thought. So as we were saying before, what’s her true identity then? We have some thoughts regarding that too.

  • First of all, she might be lying and she is the assistant/ student of Vegapunk that’s why she wears a dress of number 2.
  • Secondly, she might be the daughter of Vegapunk.
  • Thirdly and most possibly, she is an android/cyborg like Franky created by Vegapunk.
cyborg like Franky

Now, this is a huge possibility because there are a lot of connections we can make here. Franky is a cyborg and we know he always has been connected to Vegapunk in the story. So it’s very possible for Oda to introduce Vegapunk’s made android/cyborg.

Then Vegapunk is old so he might have been doing stuff through her. There is also a chance as we know Oda takes inspiration from real-life people a lot.

So Stephen Hawking might be the inspiration for this character and if we think that way, this girl might be a way for Vegapunk to move because of his old age.  Also as we talked before about the 448 cover story, that old man created an android. So he might be Vegapunk or somehow related to him. 


Now to end the discussion, she really might be Vegapunk also. If she is Vegapunk then Oda really pulled the unexpected again. However, the main thing is we have a lot to look forward to in this arc. Many big reveals and remember the Franky the poster. This arc might finally make our Thousand Sunny Franky’s new Gundam. So the beginning of the Final Saga is already wild. Are you hyped for this new arc? All the awesome new places and adventures will be great. See you in my next article.

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