Where do the Straw Hats go after Egghead?

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Where do the Straw Hats go after Wano?

After Wano Straw Hats goes to Egg Head Island. Egghead is a fascinating winter island located in the New World and controlled by the World Government. It is renowned for being the home of the brilliant scientist, Dr. Vegapunk, and has earned the moniker of “Future Island,” with rumors suggesting it exists “500 years in the future.”

After their adventures on Egghead, the Straw Hat crew has exciting choices for their next destination. In Wano, three captains, Law, Kid, and Luffy, each choose their own island to explore. As other island choose by Law and Kids are Nearby to Egg Head so they might go to any of them.

Where do the Straw Hats go after Wano

Next Island the Straw Hats will visit is always a hot topic of discussion in the fandom. As Oda’s masterpiece, One Piece is famous for its unrivaled World Building. Here we are also trying to predict the place where Luffy might be going next with his crew. 

Comparing LATEST Map WITH nEW World Map (1)

After the release of the “ Road to Laugh Tale” volumes, we almost got 3 islands which might be the places Luffy might go. In the first volume of “ Road to Laugh Tale,” the location of the last Road Poneglyph was predicted to be in one of these three islands, which are Elbaf, Vira, and Fullalead (Hachinosu).


Elbaf, the land of giants has been foreshadowed throughout the series and is also the fan-favorite destination. Elbaf is the place under Shanks rules. So it also might be where the destined meeting of Shanks and Luffy might happen. 

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Vira, the sunny town, is the second place and it’s been referred to in the series only a single time. Many people even don’t remember the reference. However, it came to light with the volume of “Road to Laugh Tale”. The island is now shattered because of coups. As Luffy and the gang always travel to countries with coups many believe this might be the next one.

Hachinosu or Fullalead

Hachinosu or Fullalead, the pirate island is also referred to in the volume. This island is the turf of Blackbeard. This was also believed to be the island ruled by Rocks D. Xebec in the past.

As recent event Garp was vanished from Hachinosu and Pudding is also kidnaped here. It might be the next island where we might see some Luffy vs Blackbeard.

Finally, we totally can’t confirm the place Oda has predicted many locations in this vast world. The map of One Piece also might hint at where the crew is going. There are many places like Sphinx Island, Raijin Island, Mystoria Island,  Risky Red Island, Balloon Terminal, etc. Let’s wait 2 weeks to see what’s gonna happen next and where we might visit next.

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