Why Chocolat Town in Cocao Island Cover in Ice and How?

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How Chocolat Town in Cocao Island Cover in Ice?

It feels like forever since One Piece chapter 1061 was released. However, chapter 1062 had lots of surprises for the readers. The chapter starts with a massive burst through the cover story. This cover story might turn out to be one of the most important cover stories of the series if the way the fans think it’s going. Without further ado let’s get into it.

Two Unknown Legs on Chapter 1046:

one piece chapter 1046 cover

To start, we will refer to the cover story of chapter 1046. We saw two unknown legs which stepped foot into Chocolat Town. Then we went into the continuation of chapter 1048 where we see Brulee talking about Germa’s attack and we left the Chocolat Town incident behind. However, the representation of this chapter might be leading us to believe that both are different incidents. So after connecting the cover story continuation we are gonna predict who those shadowy people might be.

The Shadowy People:

Kuzan fire burn from One Piece with glasses

This chapter’s cover story shows us the whole of Chocolat Town was covered in Ice. In the whole story, there is only a single character who is capable of such destructive power. As you are thinking, this might be the grand return of one of the most popular ex-admiral Aokiji.

As the story progressed, Aokiji was always a hot topic among the fanbase. So what he might be doing here? And who might the other person be? There has always been a connection between Blackbeard and Aokiji. So we saw that Blackbeard with some of his crew attacked Amazon Lily recently.

However, where was the rest of his crew? As this chapter cover story leads Aokiji attacked Chocolat town to capture Pudding. So the rest of the Blackbeard crew might be with him. 

Reasons Behind the Attack:


There might be 2 reasons behind the attack. One to steal the Road poneglyph and the second to bring Pudding with them. Blackbeard has been a genius planner behind the scenes. So Aokiji and the rest coming to Chocolat Town might be one of them.

However, the Germa attack might help them as a potential distraction. Also, this situation might lead to a fan-favorite moment where we see Katakuri and Aokiji clash. One thing is sure Blackbeard doesn’t have a person who can read the Poneglyphs.

So taking pudding to join his crew is very likely to happen. So after all this prediction, we can be almost scertain the persons in the 1046 cover story might have been Aokiji and Shiryu. Now, why is it Shiryu? I think they both worked as ex-navy officers and they know each other very well. 

No break next week and I think we will get a continuation of this. Let’s look forward to what may come in the cover next.

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