Who is the Traitor in Egghead Island? One Piece Chapter 1074: Explained!

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Who is the Traitor in Egghead Island

Another great chapter of One Piece has come out. This chapter was filled with pre-time skip vibes. It had many incredible moments among the Straw Hat pirates and some awesome lore drops. However, some moments were just mind-blowing.

This chapter’s most intriguing things were things like the return of Vivi and the long-awaited Kuma flashback. However, there’s a  little detail many might miss which is about the bombing of Pythagoras. That incident is leading to the possibility of a traitor being there on Egghead Island.

In the past few chapters, some mysterious things have happened that make readers question the possibility of a traitor among the Vegapunk Satellites. Like who shut down the Frontier Dome? Or who blasted Pythagoras? So who might be the traitor or is it someone else?

Who is the Traitor in Egghead Island?


Vegapunk 01 Shaka

The Logic among the 6 bodies is Shaka. There’s a little chance of him being the traitor. But as the story is going I find it hard to believe that he is the traitor. As it is the logically best option for Vegapuk to leave the Island to stay alive. However, it’s not totally true as he might have made a deal to stay alive and betray others.

Still, some things don’t match as he is the first person who made a deal with the Straw Hats. Also, he is the one who gave the Ohara info the Robin. So I have doubts about Shaka being a traitor. Still, if he is the one that might be one of the best turns of events. 

The question arises in your mind if all the Vegapunks share the same brain, will they be able to detect if one of them betrays? We believe that all of them are intelligent and a traitor would know how to block the signal to the brain.



Lillith at this point is the most choice-able option. She is the evil side of Vegapunk. She has also many reasons to betray Vegapunk as she doesn’t have a great interaction with Shaka. She also doesn’t like Pirates. She also many times tried to do things in her own way. However, the last chapter shows her worried emotion over the death of Edison. If she didn’t fake it then that also means every Vegapunk satellite cares for the other. Or else, she might be a huge candidate.


There is a chance of Pythagoras, the Wisdom being the traitor. However, many might ask we saw him getting betrayed in this chapter how can he be the traitor? That might be a misdirection from Oda. As we know Oda can create huge twists of events.

Also, there is an awesome theory made by TypicalJoe on Twitter that gave me the info about Pythagoras being a murderer. The actual Pythagoras was rumored to be the murderer of his own disciple Hippasos. So he might have betrayed Vegapunk in order to save himself as we know Shaka said they are going to die soon. So they might have been aware of their possibly deadly future. So Pythagoras might have betrayed them. 



To conclude there’s a chance of Edison being the traitor. In Egghead, we see a lot of real-life references. So in real-life Edison had many rumors of being a traitor. The theory of Tesla’s Alternative current was rumored to be stolen by Edison. So there might be a chance of him being the traitor.



However, there’s a whole chance of the person not being a traitor but an Evil-doer. Oda very easily has hidden a character from the point of view of the readers. Caribou the mysterious person is totally been forgotten by the fandom. We already know from Wano he is working with someone and that person likes to gather information.

Before it was a very confusing thing people were thinking he might work for Cross Guild or something. However, now it’s a lot clear that Caribou is connected with  Morgan. We don’t know how, Morgan got all the info from Egghead, so that might be how morgan got all the info. He also might be the person who had shut the down the dome and also attacked Pythagoras from behind. So this is according to me the highest possibility which also gives Caribou an awesome role in the arc. 


In the end, it’s still a thing that is surrounded by mysteries. Soon, we will get the information confirming the traitor. Thanks a lot to TypicalJoe(@3SkullJoe) for so many awesome theories. Check him out for more awesome theories and I’ll see you in another theory article in the future.

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