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Nami, also known as the cat burglar, is the third member of the Straw Hat Pirates, and her job on the ship is to work as the navigator. Before joining the crew, she used to be part of the Arlong Pirates.

Nami is not just a skilled fighter but also a highly talented navigator. She possesses remarkable intelligence, allowing her to outsmart her enemies by anticipating their moves. What makes her special is her unwavering loyalty to her friends, and she will go to great lengths to protect them.

Nami’s character, known as the Weather Witch, adds depth and intrigue to the story of the Straw Hat Pirates, making her an indispensable member of the crew.

Nami Wiki


Nami’s Appearance

Nami's Appearance

Nami is a slender young lady with brown eyes and orange hair who is about normal height. Her physical development continues throughout the series and drastically during the time skip. Her hairstyle and attire both change frequently too.

Her initial trademark look includes an orange miniskirt and a shirt with two white rings on each side to conceal her Arlong Pirates tattoo. As the story progresses, she frequently changes outfits, showcasing her evolving fashion sense and diverse wardrobe.

Tattoo and Symbolic Tattoos

Nami's Tattoo

Nami has a black tattoo on her left shoulder that represents a mikan fruit, which is a type of citrus fruit. The tattoo is significant because it marks her identity and connection to her home, where mikan fruits are prevalent. In the past, Nami had a different tattoo that symbolized her affiliation with the Arlong Pirates, a group she was forced to join as a child. However, after breaking free from their control, she decided to replace that tattoo as a way of moving on and embracing her own identity.

Changing Hairstyles and Fashion Choices

One of Nami’s notable characteristics is her ever-changing hairstyles and outfits. She often dons shirts with four-letter words and pairs them with skirts featuring two rings on the sides. Her signature footwear consists of orange high-heeled gladiator sandals, which she wears consistently throughout different arcs, enhancing her height without affecting her mobility or speed.

nami after timeskip

Nami's pre and post

Following the timeskip, Nami’s appearance undergoes a remarkable change. Her hair grows considerably longer, cascading down to her lower back. Her body curves become more pronounced, reflecting her physical growth and maturity. Her post-time skip outfit, a revealing green and white bikini halter top paired with tight low-rider jeans and orange high-heeled sandals, highlights her newfound confidence and allure.

Non-Canon Outfits

In non-canon episodes and movies, Nami showcases a variety of outfits, each adding a unique touch to her character. From elegant ballroom gowns to swashbuckling pirate costumes and graceful kimonos, her fashion choices add humor and excitement to the non-canonical storylines.

Nami Body Measurements

nami body measurement

Throughout the series, Nami’s body measurements have been mentioned at various points. Before the timeskip, her measurements were B95-W55-H85 (37.4″-21.65″-33.46″), resulting in I-cup breast size in Japan.

After the timeskip, her measurements changed to B98-W58-H88 (38.58″-22.83″-34.65″), making her breasts a J-cup in Japan, further emphasizing her voluptuous figure.

Nami’s Personality


Nami is one of the smartest and most rational members of the Straw Hat Pirates along with Usopp, Sanji, and Robin. According to Eiichiro Oda, Nami is also the third smartest character in East Blue.

However, she was not always a member of the crew, and at the beginning of the series, she despised all pirates due to her traumatic past experiences with them. Her adoptive mother’s death and her enslavement by the Fish-Man Arlong left her with painful memories and a fear of the Fish-Men race.

Over time, Nami’s views on pirates changed after meeting Luffy and becoming a part of the Straw Hat crew. She still retains a fear and distrust of certain dangerous individuals and organizations in the world, but she also becomes a strong and loyal member of the crew, willing to stand up for her friends and what she believes is right.

Nami’s love for money is one of her defining characteristics. She is greedy and will do anything for treasure, often bargaining for discounts and keeping track of the crew’s spending habits. However, she also shows compassion and is willing to help others in need, especially children. Her experiences growing up in poverty have made her sympathetic to those who are suffering.

Despite her love for money and vanity, Nami can be brave when her friends are in danger, and she is not afraid to stand her ground against powerful enemies. She is also known for her sense of fashion, often wearing revealing and stylish outfits.

She is adept at consoling her pals because of her compassion.

nami in bikini

Nami’s Abilities

Along with Chopper and Usopp, she has openly acknowledged being a member of the “Weakling Trio,” and the three of them have even jokingly competed to determine who is the weakest. Still she possesses an impressive set of abilities that make her a valuable member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Physical Abilities

  • Agility: Nami is remarkably agile, able to move swiftly and gracefully. She has demonstrated her agility in various situations, such as jumping wide distances between rooftops in Water 7 and somersaulting to swiftly dodge attacks.
  • Leg Strength: Nami’s leg strength is impressive, allowing her to perform powerful kicks and jumps. She can deliver devastating kicks to opponents, even though she lacks the raw physical strength of some of her crewmates.
  • Endurance: Nami has displayed high levels of endurance, enduring long and intense battles without giving up. For instance, she supported Luffy in an 11-hour fight against one of the Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, showcasing her ability to withstand prolonged physical strain.
  • Survivability: Nami has shown resilience in surviving challenging and life-threatening situations. She survived inhaling the toxic fumes of the Daft Green plant, known to be deadly to most people.
  • Bo Staff Skills: Before acquiring the Clima-Tact, Nami was skilled in using a bo staff for self-defense. Her expertise with the bo staff demonstrates her adaptability in combat.
  • Physical Training: Nami spent years stealing money from dangerous pirates and engaging in various physical challenges to buy back her village from the Arlong Pirates. This harsh training has contributed to her high physical capabilities.
Nami's Navigation Expertise

Nami’s navigation and cartography expertise is one of her most outstanding skills. As the designated navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, she plays a crucial role in guiding the crew through the treacherous waters of the Grand Line and other perilous seas they encounter on their adventures. Here are the key aspects of her navigation and cartography expertise:

  • Navigational Skills: Nami possesses an exceptional understanding of navigation, being able to plot precise courses for the ship using various tools, charts, and instruments. Her ability to interpret and analyze the Log Pose and Eternal Pose, which are essential tools for navigating the Grand Line, is vital for the crew’s safe and efficient travel.
  • Meteorological Knowledge: Nami’s meteorological knowledge allows her to understand weather patterns and anticipate sudden changes in climate. She can sense weather changes “with her body,” as described by Vivi, making her highly adept at predicting the unpredictable weather conditions of the Grand Line. This ability helps the crew steer clear of dangerous storms and other weather-related hazards.
  • Cartography Expertise: Nami’s cartography skills are impressive, as she can create detailed and accurate maps of the territories they explore. Her ability to produce bathymetric and geographic maps showcases her proficiency in cartography, which is valuable for both navigation and strategic planning.
  • Weather Prediction: Using her meteorological knowledge and observation skills, Nami can predict the emergence of cyclones and other severe weather phenomena. This foresight enables her to prepare the crew for adverse conditions and make informed decisions on their course of action.
  • Supernatural Weather Sensing: Nami’s weather-sensing abilities are so remarkable that they seem almost supernatural. She can feel and interpret subtle changes in the weather, giving her an edge in navigating through the ever-changing climate of the Grand Line.
  • Accuracy and Precision: Nami’s navigation and cartography skills are incredibly accurate and precise. Her ability to formulate complex equations to calculate precise courses and routes showcases her expertise in this field.

Financial and Negotiation Expertise

Nami's Financial Expertise

Thanks to her love of money, Nami handles the Straw Hats’ finances mostly, and it’s not farfetched to assume that she is pretty good at it.

Nami’s skills as a skilled thief and pickpocket are notable aspects of her character. These abilities have been developed and honed through her experiences from a young age, particularly during her time with the Arlong Pirates and her quest to buy back her village. Here are the key points about her thievery and pickpocketing skills:

  • Thievery Expertise: Nami has proven herself to be an excellent thief. During her time with the Arlong Pirates, she had to steal money from various dangerous pirates to pay off Arlong and free her village from their tyranny. Her proficiency in stealing valuables from these powerful individuals reflects her resourcefulness and daring nature.
  • Pickpocketing Abilities: Nami’s pickpocketing skills are equally impressive. She can discreetly lift small items, such as keys or wallets, from people without them noticing. This skill is useful for obtaining critical information or acquiring necessary items without drawing attention to herself.
  • Sleight of Hand: Nami’s thievery and pickpocketing skills are supported by her mastery of sleight of hand techniques. She can perform swift and subtle movements that allow her to take what she needs without being detected.
  • Strategic Stealing: Nami often uses her thievery skills in strategic situations. For instance, when the crew is in dire need of resources or money, she may sneak aboard an enemy ship or infiltrate a base to steal valuables while the occupants are distracted by battles or other events.
  • Epithet “Cat Burglar”: Nami’s skills as a thief have earned her the epithet “Cat Burglar.” This nickname highlights her stealthy and cunning approach to obtaining what she wants.
  • Strong Memory and Accounting Skills: Nami has a strong memory when it comes to finances and can keep track of the crew’s income and expenses. Her accounting skills are essential in managing the crew’s money and ensuring they have enough funds for their adventures.
  • Negotiation and Bargaining: Nami’s financial expertise extends to her negotiation and bargaining skills. She is a skilled negotiator, as seen when she negotiates with merchants, shopkeepers, and banks to get better prices or more favorable deals. Her persuasive abilities often result in significant savings or increased payments for the crew.
  • Cost Management: Nami is adept at managing the crew’s expenses and making wise financial decisions. She knows when to be frugal and when to invest in crucial resources or items that benefit the crew’s well-being and success.
  • Financial Planning: Nami engages in strategic financial planning for the crew. She prioritizes spending based on their needs and allocates funds for essentials, such as repairing the ship or purchasing supplies. Her planning ensures the crew’s financial stability throughout their journey.

Skilled Thief

In complement to her other talents, Nami has demonstrated that she is a skilled pickpocket and great thief.

She developed the ability to steal tiny belongings, like keys, from her victims without anyone realizing it. Just before she departed her village, she displayed her most impressive thieving prowess. She ran through the villagers at the harbor and took many wallets from them as they waved goodbye.

She now takes advantage of this talent to plunder other pirates and occasionally government workers. Even the World Government has acknowledged her, giving her the label the “Cat Burglar.”



  • Initially distrusted Luffy due to his pirate status.
  • Grew fond of the crew and officially joined after defeating Arlong.
  • Respects Luffy as a leader and deeply cares for him.
  • Often bickers with Luffy, but they support each other in tough times.


  • She Trusts Zoro’s fighting skills but is annoyed by his lazy antics.
  • Zoro cares for her safety and often comes to her rescue.
  • They have a brother-sister-like relationship.


  • Initially distrusted Usopp but came to like him after witnessing his bravery.
  • Shares a close friendship with Usopp and trusts his knowledge and skills.
  • Usopp deeply cares for Nami’s well-being and supports her.


  • Takes advantage of Sanji’s devotion but sometimes gets annoyed by his womanizing behavior.
  • Sanji often saves and defends Nami and deeply cares for her.
  • Nami trusts Sanji’s strength and abilities as a cook.


  • Nami is fond of Chopper and treats him like a younger brother.
  • Nami respects Chopper’s medical knowledge and cares for his safety.
  • They share a motherly relationship and often hug when scared or emotional.


  • Initially distrusted Robin but formed a close relationship after witnessing her actions.
  • Nami seeks encouragement from Robin and views her as an older sister.
  • Enjoys spending time with Robin and trusts her abilities.


  • Gets irritated with Franky’s childish antics but respects his shipwright skills.
  • Treats Franky like a younger brother but is often short with him.
  • Appreciates Franky’s presence and gets along with him in most situations.


  • Initially terrified of Brook but formed a comical relationship with him.
  • Nami often kicks Brook in anger when he asks to see her panties.
  • They share a close bond and often comfort each other when scared.


  • Holds no ill will toward Jinbe despite his past connection to Arlong.
  • They have developed a friendship, and Nami cares for his well-being.
  • Nami approves of Jinbe joining the crew and welcomes him.


  • Nami deeply loved her adoptive mother, Bell-mère, as a child.
  • Bell-mère supported Nami’s dream of drawing a map of the whole world.
  • Nami found it difficult to fully accept Bell-mère as her mother due to being adopted.
  • Bell-mère sacrificed her life to protect Nami and Nojiko from Arlong.


  • Nami values Nojiko as a sister and someone who supported her through tough times.
  • Nojiko understood Nami’s reasons for joining Arlong’s crew and believed in her.


  • Genzo acted as a father figure to Nami and Nojiko after Bell-mère’s death.
  • He cared for their well-being and promised to protect Nami’s smile.

Cocoyashi Villagers:

  • Despite her actions, the villagers still care for Nami and secretly supported her.
  • They refused to believe she would betray them when she joined the Arlong Pirates.

Nefertari Vivi:

  • Nami shared a close sisterly bond with Vivi.
  • They supported each other and teamed up in various situations.


  • Nami befriended Lola, the zombie warthog, and helped her find love.
  • They developed a close friendship and consider each other as sisters.

Haredas and Weatherian Scientists:

  • Haredas befriended Nami during her time at Weatheria.
  • He taught her about weather and helped her escape Sabaody Archipelago.
  • Nami had good relationships with all the Weatherian scientists.


  • Nami has reconciled with Hatchan, the only member of the Arlong Pirates she forgave.
  • She treats him like a genuine friend and no longer holds animosity towards him.


  • Nami met Kin’emon on Punk Hazard and had some comical interactions with him.
  • Kin’emon apologized for her strip-search and their relationship remained friendly.

Kozuki Momonosuke:

  • Nami adores Momonosuke and sees him as cute.
  • Momonosuke sometimes acts inappropriately, leading to comedic situations between them.

Mink Tribe:

  • Nami and the Mink Tribe formed a harmonious relationship after saving them.
  • She is especially close to Wanda and Carrot and respects Inuarashi.


  • Nami initially ignored Pound but changed her opinion upon learning he is Lola’s father.
  • Pound attacked Brûlée to save Nami, earning her respect as an ally.

Charlotte Chiffon:

  • Chiffon and Nami are on good terms due to Nami saving Lola.
  • They became close during the events in Totto Land.


  • Nami initially considered Zeus an enemy but later turned him into an ally.
  • She forgave Zeus for his earlier actions and treated him as a partner.


  • Nami has a bounty on her head, making her an enemy of the Marines.
  • She dislikes dealing with female Marines due to her mother’s Marine background.


  • Nami held bitter hatred for Arlong and attempted to assassinate him.
  • Despite this, Arlong considered her a friend and valued her skills.


  • Nami became a target of Absalom’s perverted advances, leading to conflict.
  • She eventually defeated Absalom, and he became one of her enemies.

Caesar Clown:

  • Nami strongly dislikes Caesar for his unethical experiments on children.
  • She held him in contempt and wished for his death.

Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates:

  • Nami became an enemy of Big Mom’s family and crew during their mission in Totto Land.
  • She fought against various members of the Big Mom Pirates and opposed Big Mom’s goals.
  • Nami also developed a hostile relationship with Charlotte Pudding after her true intentions were revealed.


How old is Nami?

Nami is 20y old.

who is nami’s love interest?

Currently, Nami does not have any love interest.

Does nami have devil fruit?

No; Nami does not have any devil fruit but she has Zeus.

how old is nami in east blue?

Before 2y timeskip Nami was 18year Old.

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