One Piece 1088 Spoiler Theory: Who Will Save Garp and Koby from Blackbeard Pirate

Who Will Save Garp and Koby from Blackbeard Pirate

The latest chapter of One Piece left fans captivated with its epic storyline. With a cliffhanger ending will Garp Die?, readers are left eagerly pondering the meaning behind the phrase “justice will prevail.” As the story unfolds, the fate of beloved characters Garp and Koby hangs in the balance, raising questions about who might come to their rescue in the face of the formidable Blackbeard Pirates.

Garp is confident that someone present will stop Pizzaro’s attack and save the ship. This person is likely a member of the Marines because Garp mentions that “justice will prevail.” Garp trusts that a marine or someone who believes in justice will come forward to rescue the ship. The exact identity of this individual is unknown, but Garp is certain that someone strong and committed to justice will intervene and prevent Pizzaro’s harm.

In the given situation, there are a few possibilities for who can save the day. Here are three scenarios:



Despite Aokiji no longer being Garp’s student, Garp still believes that Aokiji wouldn’t let Pizzaro harm innocent people. Aokiji’s power allows him to easily protect the people and prevent any harm. We still don’t know about the debt that Kuzan owed to Garp that he spoke to Luffy about. So the next chapter also may talk about that.

Perona and Moria:

Perona and Moria

It is mentioned that Perona and Moria are likely present in the area with a ship ready to move. In this scenario, Pizzaro suddenly becomes depressed due to Perona’s powerful Devil Fruit ability. Moria takes advantage of the situation to extract Shiryu’s shadow as payback for Abasolam’s death. Garp and Aokiji would engage in a fight while Garp tries to escape, as he would still have considerable strength left.



Bogard enters the scene and announces, “It’s bogarding time.” He joins forces with the other swordsmen and together they save Garp and Koby. This scenario requires Garp to solely focus on Aokiji. hahaha



Another possible savior in this situation could be Fujitora. Unlike the other Admirals, his current whereabouts are unknown, which means he doesn’t have an alibi. With his gravity-based powers and strong swordsmanship skills, Fujitora should be more than capable of handling Pizzaro. Additionally, he has experience in protecting a ship from threats, as he helped fend off Jack when he attempted to free Doflamingo.

As for Sengoku and Tsuru, they were last seen at Marine HQ and only learned about Garp’s departure a few days later. It is unlikely that they would be able to physically reach Hachinosu in time, even if they intended to do so. Furthermore, Garp didn’t inform them about his rescue mission, so they shouldn’t be expected to come to his aid.



Since the events in Dressrosa, Smoker has been absent from the story. However, his return at this critical juncture could present an opportunity for him to unveil newfound smoke-based abilities that could aid in ensuring the safety of the others. Smoker’s mastery over smoke as a power could prove instrumental in protecting the ship and its occupants.



Throughout the series, we have witnessed instances where individuals’ Haki has flourished during desperate circumstances. For instance, Luffy’s Haki bloomed in Amazon Lily and Marineford, eventually leading the World Government to recognize his formidable presence. Similarly, the current situation might serve as a catalyst for Koby to awaken something akin to this deep within himself. In a bid to rescue his only family and mentor, he may unlock the power of Conqueror’s Haki, driven by his unwavering determination and love

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