Cipher Pol and SWORD – World Government vs Marine Fight Confirmed!

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ipher Pol vs SWORD - Fight Confirmed!

After the beginning of the One Piece Final Saga from the last chapter, people are going crazy. Like always the fanbase is theorizing about things that might happen in the future. So here we are talking about two secret groups who are not discussed too much in the fanbase.

Cipher Pol and Sword are two groups that are very much always integral to the main plotline. Rob Lucci and Koby are both fan-favorite characters representing both of these Marine and World Govt’s Secret Squads. So without further ado, let’s get into the future of these groups. Let’s start with all the info we know about them.

Cipher Pol

Cipher Pol

Cipher Pol or CP is a secret marine force under the World Government’s orders. Assassinations, Investigations, and Espionage are their jobs. This group is divided into 8 official groups titled CP1, CP2, CP3, CP4, CP5, CP6, CP7, and CP8. Except for this, there are two more groups CP9 and CP0. CP9 is a secret group that had permission to kill anyone without any consent. Then comes the CP0 the most vital organization of the whole CP series. Their full name is Cipher Pol Aigis 0. Unlike others, this group is directly under Celestial Dragons. Making them also the strongest of the series.



This is a secret marine organization. Nothing much about this organization is known. However, there are hints of their big achievements. Some are the Rocky Port Incident and Drake’s infiltration of Kaido’s crew. Right now their captain is X Drake with members like Koby and Helmeppo. They are a very secret organization as we saw in Sabaody that Kizaru was unaware of X Drake’s connection to the Navy. Now regarding our theory, ‘Aigis’ in the CP series means Shield in Greek. So SWORD is in literary terms the direct contrast to Cipher Pol.

The Ongoing Cold War

Akainu and Kuzan

As we came into the new world, We were introduced to some big news. One of them being Akainu as the Fleet Admiral. We also learned that Akainu and Kuzan fought for the roles of Fleet Admiral. So why did two admirals of the same force fight each other? Just a difference in opinion? Or is there more to it? How did SWORD form? Who is the leader? Why do we think there will be a War between these two?

Sword vs CP might have been a long ongoing Cold War inside the Navy. As we can predict Garp or Sengoku might have been the creator of SWORD as opposed to World Government-organized Cipher Pol. Garp only with his achievements rejected the place of Admiral. So there is a huge chance that Garp is the leader of SWORD. There is also a chance of Sengoku being the leader. As we know the revealed members of SWORD were all rescued by the Garp or Sengoku.


Now as we know Corazon was an undercover agent of Sengoku. Same role that X Drake was playing inside the Beast Pirates. So Corazon might be a member of SWORD. In that regard, SWORD’s ideal goal would be to stop innocent people’s death and find Moral Justice.

Now let’s return to the topic with which we started this discussion Akainu vs. Kuzan. They might have also been the representatives of their own groups. As we know that fight was also between Justices, Absolute Justice vs Moral Justice. So both CP and SWORD are different in their thoughts regarding Justice. That fight also represented the next ruler of the Navy.

If Kuzan would have won the Navy would be ruled by the people of Moral Justice. We also know he had a debt towards Garp. It might be he was saved by him and became a member of SWORD or helped him in creating SWORD. However, it did not happen and it’s still under the jurisdiction of Absolute Justice. 

The next point is, did Kuzan betray the Navy? Or is there some underlying agenda behind it? If he is a SWORD member he might be a  SPY to keep BlackBeard in check. Just like X Drake. Also, we know Cipher Pol has dealings with UnderWorld. So his target also can be to destroy the Underworld.  So in the upcoming Great War, we might get another big fight which might be between two strong Navy forces.

Final War Cipher Pol ‘Aigis’ 0 VS Sword

Now we are entering into a territory of future predictions. Let’s use our Observation Haki a little. This is not totally wild prediction as we proved this happening will not be a fluke. As the story had hints all over. However, before that, we need to decide on the recent member of both sides. We can guess to a certain degree following the last points. The Navy members representing Cipher Pol or World Nobles might be Akainu, Kizaru, Rob Lucci, and Ryokugyu.

On the other hand, we have Fujitora, Koby, Helmeppo, Kuzan, and possibly Smoker. Now in the Final War, we expect Akainu vs. Luffy. So what matchups we might see for SWORD? We have a great prediction here. On the opposite side of SWORD, the matchups will be Cipher Pol’s top members. We might get a fight between Koby and Rob Lucci. So after destroying the Cipher Pol Koby might achieve his dream of becoming an Admiral.

With this, our theory comes to an end. What is your opinion of this theory? Do you think Koby vs Lucci will be an epic clash? If you like it share it and spread it among the fanbase. Share your opinion in the comment section.

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