The Cross Guild: Why Mihawk and Crocodile Joined with Buggy

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The Cross Guild

The Cross Guild first appears in One Piece chapter 1056. It was the biggest shocking reveal that happened in the chapter. We came to know the crew of an Emperor. This chapter rejected many fan theories and also made some people befuddled with its huge revelation of the reveal of “Cross Guild”. And now in chapter 1058 revealed that how to cross guild was created.

The chapter was titled “Cross Guild”. The main focus of this chapter was almost Wano with Luffy, his crew, and Momo. However, every people was left with an open mouth when it revealed the ‘Cross Guild’. “Cross Guild” was the emperor crew of Buggy, the Bombastic Clown. If it’s still not enough to surprise you then the next thing surely will because Dracule Mihawk and Sir Crocodile are the members of that crew. However, we still don’t have any news regarding Boa Hancock and Weevil too.

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Also, the information about this guild’s work was announced. Buggy eventually started giving bounties over Marine Officers. The pirates started headhunting the marines. For the first time in the history of One Piece, the ‘hunters are being hunted.’ This news is almost like a raging fire.
So. we might start a throughout globe chapter or a flashback of Reverie might come next chapter.

Dracule Mihawk

So now the crew of Buggy can be considered emperor level with the Shichibukai’s being part of it. However, it is still quite unbelievable that characters like Mihawk or Crocodile will serve Buggy. It also might be a case of Buggy using them as bounty hunters, he might be paying them money to work for him. However, as Zoro states and the fanbase agrees that Mihawk working under anyone is quite impossible. So what happened in the outside world while the fight of Luffy vs. Kaido was going on?

Sir Crocodile

Also, this crew reveal might hint at Buggy’s future achievements. As we know Oda likes to play gags with Buggy and whatever he said during Marineford came true. So is he gonna be the Next Pirate King before Luffy? In the upcoming chapters, it will be quite focused on the incidents that will happen outside Wano, and “Cross Guild” will be a key factor in those for sure

Actually how Cross Guild was made?

From the reveal of the Cross Guild fans were scared about Buggy leading Mihawk and Crocodile. However, this chapter reveals how that Guild was created and it was just as many expected.

Crocodiles wanted to create a Marine Hunting group. So he decided to take Mihawk as a partner. As Mihawk was known as the “Marine Hunter”. Then in need of money Crocodile came to Buggy as Buiggy was in debt to Crocodile. After that things happened and the guild was built with Buggy’s support in Money. However, Buggy’s connection to Roger and his crew’s idiocy he was announced as the leader due to a mistake by the Marines. Much to Crocodile and Mihawk’s dismay.

This chapter also revealed their bounties. Many were waiting for the Bounty of Mihawk, Crocodile, and Buggy. They were quite unexpected as they were revealed. So here’s the Bounty:

  • Dracule Mihawk: 3,590,000,000 berries
  • Sir Crocodile: 1,965,000,000 berries
  • Emperor Buggy: 3,189,000,000 berries
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