One Piece Chapter 1086 Explained: Imu’s Interest in Vivi, Gorosei’s Real Name, the Lulushia Mystery, and Shanks’ Father

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One Piece Chapter 1086 Explained

One Piece Chapter 1086 is out and titled The Gorosei. The chapter was another magnificent one from Eiichiro Oda. This chapter finally brings an end to the running flashback of Reverie. Also, it gives us a lot of information and significant reveals. 

This chapter is also the last One Piece chapter for a long time. The manga goes into a month-long hiatus after this. More details about it later. So without further any further delay let’s get into the chapter.

The End of Reverie

vivi and wapol

The chapter starts a little later than where it ended last week. We see Vivi and Wapol escaping the Holy Land and hiding in the Aegis Kingdom’s Ship. Still, we see Vivi is unaware of King Cobra’s death. Then we see Bonney and Sabo escaping in Tajine and Lulusia Kingdom’s Ship respectively. We see Sabo severely injured and Bonney crying on the ship. Then we move into one of the significant portions of the story.

The Gorosei and The Seraphim

We see the Gorosei talking about Sabo. They seemed worried about his checkered fate as he has a constant connection with the people of D. Then we see an order of Great Imu. He/She orders Gorosei to test the weapon made by Vegapunk. The weapon was called “Mother Flame”.

We also see the ruthless mentality of Imu. He/she orders them to test the power in the Lulusia Kingdom because of its close proximity. Even though many lives were lost, that was of no consequence to Imu. Then we finally get the name reveals of the Gorosei which are as follows:

Gorosei’s Real Name

9WmvUF0wqtfLHZLgIH8d6qNqJ8PtIjhJhsMvTFD5EOta8skTTEmyegbETFoDdt8CS aUZ9tdxJ3e0FS6igSOnxtx1bFouuEOFohFNkm3TxMuVrhBvRUmknCKLKbpLhpmJAmE ZmgBmCZ kACDq3llEw
  • Saint Jay Garcia Saturn(Warrior God of  Defense Science)
  • Saint Markus Mars(Warrior God of Environment)
  • Saint Topman Valcurie(Warrior God of Justice)
  • Saint Ethan Baron V. Nusjuro(Warrior God of Finance)
  • Saint Shepard Ju Peter( Warrior God of Agriculture).

Then we move to the Marine HQ. There for the first time, we see the rest of the Seraphim which are Doflamingo, Moria, and Crocodile.

Return to The Present

Then we return to the present timeline where we left off with Sabo, Dragon, and Ivankov. Here we come back to the conversation and we get to know very important pieces of information. From the last chapter, we get to know that Cobra was aware of the Imu name.

Here we got more information on that regard but from Ivankov. As Ivankov said, Saint Imu is one of the first sovereigns from 800 years ago. Also, we get to know the family name which was Nerona. Ivankov continued to explain that Imu may have eternal youth because of the immortality surgery.

As we move Ivan specifies more on that possibility as the highest nobles of the world won’t follow anyone with low background. Then, we move forward to the weapon made by Vegapunk and the reason for his making the weapon. However, it stays unclear.

Figarland family

Then we see the last page of this phenomenal chapter. This page gave us 2 pieces of information. The first is about the execution of Donquixote Mjosgard and the second is about the executioner. The executioner is the former ruler/King of God Valley and the current commander of Holy KnightsSaint Garling Figarland. With this, the chapter ends and so let’s get into our little theory/prediction section.


image 2

The Gorosei: Their names represent the planet as people thought. Saint Jay Garcia Saturn means Saturn, Saint Markus Mars is based on Mars, Saint Topman Valcurie is Mercury, Saint Ethan Baron V. Nusjuro is taken from Venus(V.nus), and Saint Shepard Ju Peter represents Jupiter(Ju Peter).

Mother Flame: This may be a replica of Uranus the ancient weapon. As Imu said it was created by Vegaapunk so he might have tried to make its copy or create an energy source to run Uranus so it’s a test weapon. However, why Vegapunk made such a dangerous weapon is still unclear. It also may be the spaceship that Capon saw in chapter 594.

Figarland family: Final interesting connection is the Figarland family. From Film: Red we learned about a possible connection between the Figarland family and Shanks. Here, we get to know that Figarland  Family ruled God Valley. We also know that Shanks was found by Roger and Rayleigh in God Valley. So that person and Shanks might have a family relationship.

Why does Imu want Vivi?

Why does Imu want Vivi?

The motive behind Imu’s interest in Vivi remains unclear at this point in the story. However, a significant clue was revealed in the form of a picture found in the flower garden. In the picture, Imu is seen holding Vivi’s image while cutting down pictures of Luffy, Blackbeard, and Shirahoshi.

Based on this information, one possible theory is that Imu has a personal connection or affection towards Vivi due to her relationship with Lilly. It is also speculated that Vivi may possess some unique power or significance, similar to Shirahoshi, which makes her a target of Imu’s interest. It is possible that Vivi possesses the ability to control rain or weather, similar to her father who had the power to summon rain.

As the story progresses, further details may emerge, shedding light on the true reasons behind Imu’s fascination with Vivi. Until then, fans can only speculate and await future revelations in the One Piece narrative.

One Month Hiatus

The author of One Piece Eiichiro Oda had severe Astigmatism issue. It’s an eye problem where people usually see blurry and distorted images because of deviation in the lenses. The author himself before has talked about this issue however, in recent times it has gotten serious. So finally Oda-sensei decided to take a break from the surgery and return with better eyes as it was creating major issues in his work. For, that reason One Piece is on Break for 4 weeks. The manga will return officially on July 16th. We also shared the specific Oda sensei official message and an English translation done by Artur(@newworldartur).


With this, the article comes to an end. Hope you enjoyed this chapter a lot. For a month there’s no chapter so we will meet again after the month-long break. See you again when the manga returns.

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