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North Blue

The North Blue is a sea where many sea myths or real stories originated like the Liar Noland and the warrior of the sea- Sora. We don’t know if they were all real or not but based on facts they were bound to be true.

The North Blue also like the other seas is comprised of different islands and the vast ocean along with the borderline- The Redline. It’s also an ocean present in the blue sea. Many famous pirates originated from here like Sanji- The cook of the Straw Hat Pirates; Mont Blanc Noland and his descendants who were explorers; Sakazuki and Borsalino- who were navy admirals; Trafalgar Law, X drake, Basil Hawkins- the pirates of the worst generation; Donquixote Doflamingo and his pirate crew- one of the warlords of the sea. The Bellamy Pirates and Caribou Pirates were formed here.

 Many infamous and wild pirate groups were formed here and achieved infamy.

South Blue Wiki

Japanese Name:北の海 (Nōsu Burū)
Official English Name:North Blue
First Appearance:Chapter 56; Episode 25
AppearanceSanji’s Flashback
Compass:Ordinary compass
Literal Meaning:Ocean of the North

Locations in the North Blue

North Blue
  • Germa Kingdom: Sanji’s former home country.
  • Lvneel: Noland’s Home Town.
  • Spider Miles: Donquixote Pirates base of operations.
  • Flevance: Trafalgar D. Water Law and his family lived here. Amber Lead Syndrome destroyed the city.
  • Minion Island: The Barrels Pirates hideout.
  • Rubeck Island: Ope Ope no Mi exchange spot.
  • Swallow Island: Homeland of Shachi and Penguin.
  • Notice: Homeland of the Bellamy Pirates.
  • Kuen Village: homeland of Baby 5.
  • Deul Kingdom: a kingdom ruled by Chap
  • Whiteland Kingdom: a kingdom ruled by Iwatobi.
  • North Pole: One of the world’s extremes. Surume’s homeland.

Historic Information

Vinsmoke Family

Vinsmoke Family

Vinsmoke Family was once the leader of the whole North Blue as they conquered every island present in the North Blue. At a later time, they formed the Germa empire. The entire family became so cruel that the Vinsmoke name was now associated only with cruelty and dominancy.

They maintained their hierarchy through the ages and continued to dominate the North Blue through their scientific powers. Sanji was also a descendant of this infamous Vinsmoke family.

The Vinsmoke family is the current dominant empire in the North Blue. But they have gained infamy due to their evil nature. They planned to conquer every nation which included their scheme of the conquest of the four nations. In this scheme, the kings of the four nations were assassinated by the vinsmoke family.



The North Blue is quite famous for one of its stories about the great explorer, Mont Blanc Noland. Noland was an explorer from Level. He left his city to explore the seas and Grand Line. He traveled to many places like Vira and Jaya. But when he returned home he told everyone that he has found the city of gold. 

When the king heard about this, he was impressed with Noland and asked Noland to take him to that place. But when they reached that place, there was not a single trace of gold. Due to this when they returned to the kingdom, the king sentenced Noland and his subordinates to death. Noland was smiling when he died and his last words were that the city of gold must have sunken into the sea.

Later, this incident became a child’s story where the parents taught their children to not lie like Noland or they will end up like him. Everyone in the North Blue has heard about this story.


Donquixote Family

Donquixote Homing, the father of Donquixote Doflamingo was recognized as one of the celestial dragons. But due to certain seeking, he left his position as a world noble and began living as a normal person with his family. He had two sons- Doflamingo and Rosinante. He brought them to north blue.

The normal citizens always had hatred for the celestial dragons in their hearts due to the oppression they faced by them. So when they saw a former celestial dragon residing between them, they took the opportunity and hunted the family to seek revenge.

They suffered torture for more than 2 years and were poverty-stricken. But when Doflamingo awakened Haoshoku Haki, everything changed for them.

He created a new team with Vergo, Diamante, Pica, and Trebol and became the king. 

Doflamingo, at last, killed his father too and built a new family in the north blue king before entering the new world.

Amber Lead & White City

Amber Lead & White City

Amber Lead is an expensive and beautiful mineral found in the country of Flevance 16 years ago. This mineral made the country wealthy and Flevance was known as the White City.

At a later time, the world government and the royal family found that the mineral was poisonous when it was released into the air but chose not to tell the public as it would harm the profitable business.

Eventually, it led to the accumulation of poisonous minerals inside the people’s bodies and after each generation, people had shorter lifespans and genetic disorders. 

After 16 years people found out about the disease Amber Lead Syndrome and the poisonous symptoms were now visible on the bodies. All the other countries thought of this as a contagious disease and didn’t let any people from the white city enter their kingdoms. Ultimately it led to the destruction of the country. 

The royal family of Flevance previously escaped from the town with the help of the world government and left the people of the city to die.

Trafalgar D. Water Law was the only person who survived the city and 

later joined the Donquixote family to take revenge upon the world government.


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