Who is “The Man Marked by Flames”?

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Who is The Man Marked by Flames

In the world of One Piece, a significant mystery revolves around “the man marked by flames,” also known as the “man with a burn scar.” The series has dropped several clues hinting at the identity of this enigmatic character

Two people left the biggest and most confusing question. First, it was Caribou, and then it was Eustass Kid. Caribou after hearing Luffy and the “Straw Hat” talking came to know about the shocking ‘Pluton’ revelation. In the chapter 1056, he talks about a certain man’ who might be interested in that information.

Right after the Caribou part, we see another mysterious character’s introduction typically in Oda fashion. After receiving their second ‘Road Poneglyph’, Kid and Killer talk about getting One Piece.

This one phrase spread flames in the One Piece fan world. People started theorizing and predicting who he might be. We are gonna try to break it down a little with all the little info we have.

What we know about The Man Marked by Flames untill Now?

What we know about The Man Marked by Flames untill Now
Black bearded pirate talking about man mared by flames

Killer says they need to defeat ‘that’ man whom Kid refers to as “the man marked by flames”. The clues supporting the Saul theory include Eustass Kid mentioning that the man marked by flames knows about the final Road Poneglyph, and later, when the Kid Pirates arrive at Elbaf, it seems to reinforce this idea. However, their encounter with Shanks’ crew ends their journey abruptly.

On the other hand, information from former Admiral Aokiji and the Blackbeard Pirates implies that the man with a burn scar sails on a black ship, causing giant whirlpools to sink any nearby vessels.

Who is “The Man Marked by Flames”?

Jaguar D. Saul

Is Saul Alive?

Jaguar D. Saul, a giant and a former Vice Admiral of the Marines, plays a crucial role in the backstory of Nico Robin. He is the one who rescued a young Nico Robin from the destruction of Ohara during the Buster Call incident. While attempting to help Robin escape from the deadly attack, Saul was struck by Admiral Aokiji’s ice powers, and the heat from the surrounding flames thawed him, leaving burn scars on his body.

After reaching Chapter 1066 we can almost certainly say Jaguar D. Saul is the man marked by flames. He was frozen by Aokiji in Ohara and was thought to be dead. However, in the latest chapter, we came to know that he survived. So there is a massive chance of him being the “Man with the Burnt Mark”.

Jaguar D. Saul

We saw a silhouette of him which was covered in bandages. So while being frozen, his ice might have melted in the fire of burning Ohara. We saw Luffy and Robin surviving an attack like that by Aokiji. We also get to know he has recovered the books of Ohara. Right now, he is hiding in Elbaf. So the man Kid is searching for might be in Elbaf and it is Jaguar D. Saul. However, it is still not confirmed so we have to wait for further information.

Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon

Many also think it might be the Revolutionary Army leader Monkey D. Dragon. His face tattoo might be a scar of fire. He is the infamous Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army whose goal is to overthrow the world government.

The theory proposes that Dragon was initially a marine and was aware of the Road Poneglyph’s significance. He contacted Ohara and became friends with Professor Clover to decipher the ancient texts. Upon understanding the dark secrets of the world government, Dragon chose to leave the Marines and stole the Road Poneglyph, earning him the title of the “worst criminal in history.”

The theory continues, suggesting that the burn scar on Dragon’s face is a mark from the world government, used to identify and capture him after the Ohara incident. He managed to escape and became the leader of a revolutionary group, recruiting followers like Kuma and Ivankov. Dragon’s devil fruit powers are compared to Japanese mythical dragons, allowing him to control clouds, weather, and water, explaining his ability to create whirlpools.

Regarding his ship, the theory suggests that Dragon uses a black ship named Wind Granma. This could lead people to believe that he sails in a pitch-black ship.


Sabo flame

Many predict that the man might be Sabo as he was also recently announced the ‘Flame Emperor’. But I do not find any reason sabo knows about One Piece.

Another Survivor of Ohara


Some people also predicted and to be the most probable option is a survivor of Ohara. After the buster was called in Ohara, someone might have survived who had the scar from that attack. This also might be connected to the reactions of Robin and Law.

Member of Roger Pirate

Any surviving members of Roger pirate. As we know roger pirate goes to laugh tale excluding Buggy and Shanks maybe they have info about it.

Overall, the conclusion of this discussion is still unclear. Many predicted these awesome ideas but we still know Oda. he might throw a curveball to introduce a totally new character. Yes, even after 1056 chapters we might get introduced to a character who is essential to One piece and we never heard of him.

So look forward to the upcoming chapters because we are traveling to ‘Laugh tale’ soon in the Final Saga and also getting these reveals soon enough.

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1 year ago

The Man Marked by Flames will definitely be a member of Gold D Roger.

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