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Chapter 1062 of One Piece has just recently dropped with more massive reveals. This chapter brought forth more info about one of the most mysterious characters of the series Dr. Vegapunk.

So without any further delay let’s get into the analysis of the details regarding Future Scientists.

Who is Vegapunk? Why there are six of them?

Almost after 15 years, we are having more information revealed about Dr. Vegapunk. After the last chapter, many people believed that Vegapunk was a girl. However, this chapter broke that very assumption. As we read the chapter we get to know that Vegapunk has created 6 Satellites to separate himself into 6 beings and do more work at the same time. So what is all the information we got regarding Vegapunk in this chapter? Let’s try to summarize them.

What are Stella and Satellites?

“Stella” is a Latin word that means “Celestial Star”. It is a star that consists of 6 stars. Some also say that Stella is the main star which is the constitution of the other 5 stars. Here, we see the 6 Punks are called “Satellites” which means they are separate stars/ bodies.

However, it can mean two things. First, Punk 01 is the main body and the real Vegapunk. Second, there is another body separate from all the 6 bodies that control the other 6 Stellas.

Who are the six Vegapunks?

All six Vegapunk

Now, the names of the 6 Vegapunk’s Stellas are as follows:

  • Shaka(Logic)
  • Lilith(Evil)
  • Edison(Flair)
  • Pythagoras(Wisdom)
  • Atlas(Wrath),
  • Yoke(Desire).

Let’s get into more details:

Punk 01 Shaka(Logic):


This might be the original Vegapunk Stella. Shaka represents Logic as his main character trait. Shaka might be a reference to the Zulu King Shaka Zulu. He was the most prominent king who was famous for military development. Also, he had an army of kids of age 6, which is quite similar to One Piece. As we know Vegapunk was testing on kids from the Punk Hazard arc. Also, in Japanese Shaka means Buddha. After, analyzing Shaka might be the main Stella who created the other 5. However, right now it’s still a prediction.

Punk 02 Lilith(Evil):


Lilith is the second Stella also representative of the characteristics of Evil. As it is known Lilith was also connected to the Earth’s history. In 1918, Lilith was thought to be a fictional “Dark” moon of Earth. However, later it was disapproved. This is kind of an parallel to how she was introduced in the story. She was first introduced as the true Vegapunk which in this chapter came to be false. The word Lilith came from LiyLiyth which is a Hebrew word. Also, from Judaic mythology, she was known as the first woman to be created and a she-devil. So, if Punk 01 is the original Vegapunk, Lilith will be the first woman to be made.

Punk 03 Edison(Flair):

The third Punk is Edison. His characteristics represent Flair. The name Edison might be a tribute to a real-life scientist, Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison was a scientist who invented Light Bulb, Phonograph, and Motion Picture camera. So the interesting thing about this is he might be the inventor of some fan-favorite scientific stuff. He might be the one who invented Den Den Mushi, the Cameras, and also the Holograms we see in this chapter.

Punk 04 Pythagoras(Wisdom):

This one name might be the most well-known. Pythagoras was known as one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. He was also known as a Greek philosopher. We also have a moon crater named after him. So he might be behind many discoveries. The reason that World Government wants Vegapunk to be dead might be because of his discoveries. He also might have discovered the void century secrets. Though it’s all a theory right now.

Punk 05 Yoke(Desire):

Yoke the fifth Punk is the representative of Desire. It might be a reference to the Mesopotamian Constellation Yoke. It is also involved with Arcturus. Arcturus is known as the brightest star of the Northern Constellation of Bootes. Arcturus is also linked to the Mesopotamian God Enlil(also known as Shudun). In ancient Rome, this star also represents tempestuous weather. 

Punk 06 Atlas(Wrath):

Finally, the last Satellite Atlas is the representative of Wrath. The name Atlas was first taken from a Titan of Greek Mythology of the same name. He was also known for holding Gaia for eternity. He was involved in two of the greatest Greek hero’s fights. So, a far-fetched idea, but Vegapunk might end up being the reason behind a fight between Luffy and Blackbeard or Luffy and Shanks. Also, Atlas nowadays represents a huge map describing the whole world. So, she might have the whole map of the world.

This is almost all the info regarding these 6 available on the internet. In the next chapter more info regarding them, I think will be revealed. There are a lot of speculations among these.  However, there is a chance of them coming true. So let’s wait and see.


Is Dr. Vegapunk evil

No, he is not. His Satellite Punk 02, Lilith, however, is a little evil.

Dr. Vegapunk IQ?

His IQ is probably 1000+. As there are six of them.

Do we ever see Vegapunk?

Yes; after 25years we saw one of the Vegapunk in chapter 1061.

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